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AfterDark Revamped – NEW look AND lots of NEW members waiting for you!

I have the absolute pleasure of drawing your attention to the brand new look After Dark swingers site – the UK’s premier swinging and dogging site on the net!

After Dark has had a brand new face lift, everything is far easier to navigate, everything in one place and your finger tips!

full of ALL the UK dogging locations, full of LOTS of couples and lovely ladies all looking to engage and partake in some oh so naughty fun

  • new look
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pop over to http://afterdark-group.co.uk/ and check it out!

18 years on the internet makes After Dark THE BEST swinging and dogging contacts website you could ever join and simply blows the others out of the water!

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Why i LOVE Dogging

Dogging has been and always will be the biggest thrill of my life!, I never tire of it and every single encounter is absolutely different!

Pitch black silent car parks in the middle of the nowhere, waiting and wondering who I may or may not get to be pleasured by – how big will his cock be?, will he make me flood his shaft with my love juice?, will he pump my womb full of his lush thick fertile sperm?

All of a sudden I see head light, my heart rate quickens and my pussy starts to tingle – is this it?, is this a potential fuck?

There is no need for the flashing of interior lights, or brake light – lets face it at midnight in a dark car park you really are only there for one reason…..and that’s to get fucked! Good and hard!

The anticipation is off the scale with excitement!, and gets more intense as this complete stranger approaches the car!

I let him have me….absolutely anyway he wants me! – im his dirty little slut to pleasure himself inside and then walk away!

Want me to be your dirty little slut to pleasure yourself inside?

I meet AS MANY as my members as I possibly can, different cities and towns every single month all over the UK

Get yourself signed up and come and enjoy me in 2018!

Rach xx

Pure lust for Dogging!

Ive been into the dogging scene for just over 10 years now and can honestly say despite it being 10 years the thrill for me just gets better and better – its never dull, boring or unexciting! – infact it gets better and better!

When I slip into my sexy stockings and suspenders and step into my killer heels I feel a tingle of anticipation within my sex – and when I pull into the dark seedy car park or dogging spot my heart races with excitement! – you NEVER know what your going to get, or who your going to meet! – its that thrill of a one night stand over and over again!

I adore meeting my members, as well as horny lucky strangers who are in the right place at the right time! – ive travelled all over the country and checked out SO many dogging spots, hundreds infact! – I simply LOVE it!

Golden Acre
Devils Dyke
Haldon Woods
Camer Park
Davey Down

to name JUST a few! – every UK dogging location is listed within my members area!

2017 is going to be NO different!, many dogging tours will be planned, more members will be met and a humongous amount of spunk will be shed!

Thousands of pictures and hundreds of raw action videos can be found inside the members area! – so get yourself signed up, check out my diary as to where I’m going to be and when – get yourself and your hard spunk filled cock on the road and come and be drained by THE best dogging QUEEN in the UK!

Teamed up with the amazing Dogging AfterDark and AfterDark Swingers there is absolutely something for everyone!

I offer discreet ways to join, via paypal or direct bank transfers – and have many offers and discounts available when joining via these options, as well as offers and deals on joining Rachel Reveals and the AfterDark websites

Just email me directly should you want anymore information on these deals and offers

Look forward to meeting many of you and draining your balls over the coming year!

Rachel xx

snook out for a suck off!

This naughty sneaky guy decided to go for a round of golf and sneak out to me for a swift noshing off before going home to his wife!

He got a real buzz putting his married cock into my mouth and telling me to guzzle down on his fat girthy throbbing cock! telling me to suck all the spunk from his balls!

I bloody love sucking on married men’s cocks! – infact I love sucking on any dick, doesn’t matter if married or not! – however have to confess I prefer uncovered cocks to suck on, the taste of rubber isn’t so horny, but alas this was his choice!

he sure let out one hell of a moan as his jizz spurted out of his jap and filled the jonny!! – guess I suck better that the missus!!!

Rach xx


Young Sweet Sticky Sperm!

Satisfied another horny new members today!, a nice young man – somewhat nervous to be in my presence as im apparently quite sexually intimidating!

But his nerves were soon dashed as soon as his lush young hard cock was deep in my mouth!

His cock was SO hard!, pulsing with blood racing through his throbbing veins making his cock throb as it slid in and out of my hot mouth with ease!

I SO couldn’t wait to get this young lads rock hard cock right inside my dirty hot snatch!, he asked me to bend over the front seat of his car so he could pull down my panties and admire my huge round perfectly fuckable arse as he wanked his cock!

Of course I was more than happy to oblige!, kneeling there listening to him wank his cock is such a turn on!, but there without warning he plunged his fuck tool right into my cunt hole with a perfect precise swift thrust!

He had jerked himself to the edge and just plunged his shaft balls deep into my wet cunt to simply let his young sweet sperm flow!! Filling me to the brim with his hot sticky sperm!

Makes me want more and more!!! Come on guys, come fuck me! you KNOW you want to!!!


Rach xx

Daytime sunshine screwing!

Had an absolutely fabulous meet this afternoon with a very horny fat cocked member of After Dark!

I seen his profile and a pic of his cock and I just HAD to have that monster inside my wet tight cunt!, and that is exactly what I did!

We arranged to meet in a very quiet outdoor location, I could wait for him to unzip his flys and flop out his meat for me to feast upon!

His cock was in my mouth as quick as I could, he was hard in an instant and I could feel his shaft pulsing in excitement!, my cunt was dripping liquid velvet lushness into the gusset of my knickers and I could wait any longer!, I needed that stuffed DEEP into my throbbing quim!

Bending over, he slid his length deep inside my wet slippery hole with ease, and OMG he felt unbelievably wonderful!!, he cock pumped my pussy until he fired his hot sticky load right up my love hole and it felt amazing!

God I do love fucking blokes, love fucking full stop!!!

After Dark is the BEST contacts site on the internet and its FREE to join!, who knows you could well be fucking me or one of the other horny ladies on there sometime soon!


Rach xxx


AfterDark member gets a good noshing!

Had the pleasure of sucking on and draining the balls of another fabulous After Dark Swingers member!

met up with the gorgeous “siefer” and sure as hell couldn’t wait to get his fat lush cock in my mouth!!! – he tasted so fucking good! and his fat thick girthy lush cock was amazing!

sucking his cock I was dying to taste his thick hot wad of salty spunk in my mouth!, I sucked and sucked and sucked and he was trying so hard to hold on to his load! BUT my oh so talented mouth soon won and he surrendered to my technique and shot every single drop of his ball sack right into my slutty throat!!

I LOVE meeting my members and members of After Dark, a site of which im a member of and can honestly say is THE BEST swingers / adult contact site on the net!

Rach xx

Horny wood workshop!

Met with yet another new member who joined via cash meet, he had his own wood work shop in Bristol and invited me there to fuck in his dingy little man made shack!

Climbing up some steep rickety stairs into a small loft area, I was confronted with a 2 seater sofa and a mattress on the floor in the corner!!! – I found it highly erotic which immediately got my pussy juices flowing!

Whipping off my clothes and getting stark bollock naked, he led me down on his dirty dingy mattress and thrust his hard cock into my mouth!, thrusting his fat shaft into my mouth I could feel his girth opening my mouth to its maximum stretch!!!

Not able to wait any longer, I needed to feel this fat cock deep inside my sex!! – laying me on my side, he parted my legs to expose my wet glistening slit and thrust his bollocks in to me balls deep making me give out a yelp of pure delight!

He pounded away at my slut hole, plunging his fat cock in and out of me until he could no longer hold his load and fired ream after ream of sweet sticky jizz right up inside my tight snatch!!

I AM out and about every single night for the next 2 week on the run up to my May tour, meeting members who which to do cash joins and im willing to travel in a 20mile radius of my home town of Gloucester!

Mail me!, lets get your cock balls deep in my famous fuck hole REAL soon!


Rach xxx

work man round today

I had work man round today to change the locks on my apartment door, who appeared to be quite chatty and flirtatious with me!

Of course me being me and loving black cock as I do, seen this as a challenge and turned on the full Rachel charm as I was keen to have his hard black cock stuffed up inside my white black cock loving cunt!

After a shed load of innuendoes and immense flirting he confessed id giving him a 3rd leg!, I replied and how big is that 3rd leg, and he replied your have to look for yourself! – I said “flop it out then!”

He flopped his lush fat black cock out and I took his gorgeous shiny cock in my mouth and sucked his to perfection!!, standing up without saying a word, I dropped my jeans and panties and bent over the sofa!

He was up my wet cunt faster than a bolt of lightning, holding on to my hips and banging his meat up me like a crazed animal!!! – oh god did his fat cock feel amazing pounding away at my tight love hole!, giving me that real deep inner pleasure feeling – I was dripping wet!!

After a short while we then moved into the bedroom and he climbed between my legs and humps my body like a proper dick loving fuck toy!!!!, flipping back over into the doggy style he continued to screw the arse off me, taking me into absolute pleasure until my cunt spasamed and squirted love juice all over his bulging shaft!!, as I was spunking on his shaft he let out one almighty groan and filled my womb with his heavy filthy black fuck seed!!!!

I do LOVE filthy off the cuff random fucks! – their the absolute best!!!!!

Rach xxx

Filthy Facials!

really is nothing better than getting plastered in hot salty sticky cum!!!! Especially as its being freshly shot all over your pretty face!!!!

Had a very horny group of guys round with every intention of spewing their balls sacks of spunk all over me!!!

On my knee’s sucking each rock hard cock in turn listening to the others stroking their tools waiting their turn for my mouth to be clamped around their meat – I knew, the more I kept sucking and the more they kept priming there pending orgasm the more hot sticky spunk I was going to get!!!

I wanted to prime each guy right up and ready to spew all at the same time!!, this is exactly what I did!!!!!

Kneeling with my head back, the first guy stepped forward, led his long fat cock across the length of my face as I took his nuts in my mouth – he stroked the end of his glistening bellend until he erupted his torrent of jizz all over my face!!!

As he moved away, the next guy in line stepped forward and proceeded to spew his filthy load all over my face!!!

I didn’t move an inch until every single pair of bollocks had been emptied either over my face, hair or fabulous tits!!!!.

Oh god, what is it about being a filthy dirty little spunk loving slut that I love so much?! – answers on a postcard please! Lol

Remember guys – im STILL offering discreet ONE OFF membership payments via paypal to join my fabulous site and to come give me your cum!  Please mail me for full info!!


Rach xxx