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Road side spunking

Absolutely nothing beats stopping on a busy roadside, jumping in the back of a workman’s van, spreading my legs and getting a cunt full of hard cock followed by a hot sticky sweet filthy load of man muck!!

As you know i’m back touring and meeting as many of my members as possible and I couldn’t wait to jump in the back of this filthy fuckers van and get my tight wet snatch reamed and creamed!

log in and find out where im gonna be in November! – something BIG is coming and you wont want to miss out!!

Rach xx

Horny late night house call!

off I went to this house to meet 2 very horny guys who had spent the evening drinking beer and watching porn and had become VERY aroused!

Enter me! primed and ready to relieve their horny hard spunk filled cocks in the perfect Rachel style!

Stockings, basque and killer heels at the ready, smoothly shaven pussy already wet with anticipation!

sitting on the one lads face while his mate watched us and the porn playing in the back ground while playing with his hard cock – rather erotic situation!

once the one lad had his fill of my sweet juices, I led back on the sofa and the other one delved into my sweet fleshy folds of pleasure!

my pussy was throbbing and now wanting to be penetrated – the got me on all fours and spit roasted me, taking it in turns to swap ends until they both spewed their horny filthy thick loads of lush spunk!

3sums are my absolute favourite!, nothing better than having your mouth and cunt both full of hard cock at the same time and its especially better if the guys manage that perfect rhythm back and forth! Heaven!!

Rach xx

Black Friday!

well, you all know me by now and know how i love to fuck – love cock in all shapes, sizes and colours!

however, sometimes you just need a bit of black!!!

This black guy and his emencely girthy cock pounded my white dripping pussy until he spewed his filthy black seed deep inside my quivering pounded cunt!

my kind of black Friday!!

Rach xx

I love to suck cock!

After spending the majority of the day looking at horny pics and working on my site i decided i fancied a good hard dick to suck on!!  Hopped in the car, dressed in my famous black mini skirt, 4inch stiletto and no knickers or bra…i drove to the famous Birdlip Hill in Gloucester looking for a dick to sort me out!

Didnt have to wait long at all!!  My car was recognised immediately and i chose the guy i wanted to enjoy!

I took his lush long plump dick deep in my mouth and sucked him to the brink of orgasm!!  Needing my filthy hungry cumslut whore cunt filled with its daily load of cream, i laid back on his back seat and presented my shaven cunt to him to use and offload in!!

he filled me good and proper!!!  Really used my cunt for mother nature intended it to be used for – a filthy spunk dump!!

Wasn’t until after when we were having a clean up and chat that we realised we knew each other from a website I’m also a member on myself www.ukafterdark.co.uk

what a small world, but im DEFINATLEY going to be using his knob again sometime very soon!!

Rach xx

open air cock!!

As most of you know I love meeting members of my website for quick horny filthy fucks outside in the open, and I also frequently meet up with guys from After Dark, the best swinger’s website I have found on the internet.

This guy from After Dark wanted to fuck me outside in his car in broad daylight, and he wanted to fuck me with my panties on so that they soaked up all the pussy and cock juice and he could take them away with him after as a kind of “fuck trophy”

He had a bloody lush cock too!!! And I really enjoyed him just doing me doggy in the car; it’s always my favourite kind of fuck!

I am going to be on the road for the next 4 days mostly along the M5 travelling and staying in Hotels looking for some really horny guys to give me a right good seeing too!! Dates, times, locations and my mobile number can be found on the diary page of my website.


Rach xx

Sexy Saturday Fun!

first blog post in a while, been out of the country enjoying the delights and sights of sunny Florida! – and of course some naughty American cock! Visited many sex clubs, gloryholes and book stores while in the states but sadly no pics as no cameras allowed.

Enjoyed my recent visit to Kent and had lots of fun, didn’t meet as many of you as planned as simply ran out of time! (I’m only human) but I will be back soon I promise!

I do love nothing more than sucking and fucking on good hard hot throbbing cock during daylight hours in the countryside!, feeling the warm air swirling around your exposed parts and hearing the birds chirp! – something SO naughty about that!!!

Sucking them from limp, making them all hard and ready for action, rubbing the precum oozing out of their excited bellend all over my throbbing swollen clit in anticipation of a good hard fucking! – no words just action and ending with a good heavy load of thick spunk trickling out of my wet cunt hole!!

Perfect way to spent a Saturday afternoon!!!

Rach xx

car suck!

I do love nothing more the sucking on a nice hard cock in the front seat of my car!, I sure do give amazing head! – you only need to listen to the attached video to hear this lucky guys moans and groans of pleasure!


Rach xx

Swindon GloryHole fun!

Had some real fun at the Swindon Gloryhole!!

Met with some very horny cock all in need of draining!, love nothing more than sucking an 

anonymous cock through a hole in the wall, while another blokes hand is fingering my wet snatch and wanking his load and pumping it all over me through another hole behind me!

Sucking and slurping on nice rock hard fat cock, feeling the swell as its impending eruption of spunk is shot deep into my waiting mouth is one of the biggest turn on’s along side dirty raw dogging with strangers!

Please enjoy a small clip from my gloryhole in Swindon, the full HD video can be found inside my members area and is well worth viewing!

Remember, im STILL offering my fabulous double up on memberships taken out via paypal or direct bank transfer!  for info on this just drop me an email – Rachel@rachelreveals.co.uk

Rachel xx

Friday Fun at the Gloryhole!

Today Friday 21st August, I have spent the entire day enjoying the company of many men via a public gloryhole!

being at the gloryhole is SOOO addictive!, I love hanging around, sitting and waiting for the next hard cock to come through the hole for me to pleasure! – not knowing if its going to be big or small, fat or think, whether im going to suck it of fuck it!

I must of fucked and sucked a good 20 cocks today in the space of 6hrs or so!, driving home with real wet soggy knickers, sperm trickling from me throbbing quim and my throat slightly sore from lots of deep throat!

I adore being a public gloryhole slut!, sucking and fucking any cock that presents itself through the hole! – laying there putting on a show for anyone willing to watch me pleasure myself! – its a real heart racing adrenaline buzz!!.

took some horny little teaser pics for you all to enjoy, however if you want to see the full days worth of fun then your just going to have to log in to the members area!

Rach xx


Fucking through the car door!

One of the horniest things about dogging is being bent over and fucked doggy through the car door.

The cool breeze felt on my bare bum as my knickers are slowly pulled half way down and stretched across my thighs as a rock hard cock enters my dripping wet smooth pussy and slides right inside. Firm hands holding onto my buttocks and hips as they give me a right good seeing to in the cold midnight air.

Pitch black with my head inside the car and my privates bared and on full show for some random stranger to feel and enjoy as he bangs me senseless through the car door relieving himself deep inside me as he fucks me good and hard true dogging style.

The nights are drawing in now and its getting darker much earlier, which means im out fucking and meeting members a lot earlier and for longer!!!

Wanna come fuck me thru the car door?, feel my hot tight cunt grip your swollen throbbing shaft as it milks you off to orgasm and blow you load deep inside me?!

im still offering double up’s on ALL membership taking out via paypal or direct bank transfer! – please mail me for info! Rachel@rachelreveals.co.uk

Im also going to be hosting a VERY special Christmas Party in December in partnership with the best swinging/dogging website in the UK! www.adswinging.co.uk (AfterDark) This is strictly a members ONLY event by invitation – previous parties have been off the scale with naughtiness and bursting with very horny ladies, gents and couples!

Definitely one NOT to be missed! – again if you wish to come along, please contact me or AfterDark for full details

Rachel xx