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Rachel xx

corona virus FFS!

Well, like many many other people in the UK and all around the world im in lockdown with no essential travel not permitted which is frustrating to say the least, especially with all this gorgeous weather were having at the moment!

i wanna be outside fucking my members and getting filled to my hearts content but instead im at home, wanking myself silly, watching Netflix, entertaining horny guys online via webcam and private members only skype shows! my poor vibrators have not has this much use in such a long time!…gonna need more batteries very soon!

i guarantee you that as SOON as this ban is lifted im going to be out there like some fucking filthy horny sex starved and sex crazed nympho looking to get my VERY tight cunt sliding up and down on as many rock hard cocks as i possibly can!!

During this lock down period i am of course offering a very special membership offer to try ease your boredom and relieve some of that yummy spunk from you bulging ball sacks!

for info please drop me an email –

i really do pity the first dick my tight pussy is going to slide down, he will not know what’s hit him and im going to milk every single drop of his man muck right out of him!!

want that to be you? then you know what to do!!!

as put some of my favourite filthy memories from the last few months on my blog post!, seriously cant wait to get out and make some more!!

Rach xxx

lost stranger spills his load!

you seriously couldn’t make this stuff up!!, a day in the life of me is NEVER boring!

yesterday afternoon (Friday 13th) i was happily outside in the sunshine washing my car in my own little world!

a voice behind me said “excuse me, do you by any chance know where such in such is?” i looked up and said yes of course and gave him directions!

after i had given him directions, he looked at me very coy and said im sorry but is your name Rachel?, i smiled and replied yes! he was like OMG ive been a massive fan of yours for years and a member for the last year!

Well, what could i do…other than take him inside and fuck him! he couldn’t believe his luck! and was inside like a shot!, i first led him on the bed and eagerly took his cock into my mouth and sucked his nice girthy cock until he was hard!

i then stripped off naked and bent over the bed presenting my curvy arse and wet pussy to him to help himself to! he pushed himself inside me and made me gasp out loudly, he is what i call a “rutter” the best kind of fucker! pounding his swollen shaft inside me i couldn’t get enough, begging him to fuck me harder and harder!

i wanted him to spew his load into my wet pussy but he was insistent on spunking his wad in my mouth!, so thats exactly what he did!

Friday the 13th is classed as an unlucky day but it sure was a lucky day for him!!

Rach xx

Off the cuff!

Made a shout out on my Twitter last night, gagging to suck some cock!

of course i was inundated with offers but sadly a lot were a long way away and unable to make it, except one guy!  He wasn’t a member but signed up directly and within the hour or so his hard cock was in my mouth!

We met up at Gordano services, he hopped in my car and we pulled around the corner and parked up for some fun!!  He whipped his cock out and i gobbled him down just like the hungry little cock loving slut that i am!!

i always have membership deals running when joining directly with me!
wanna sign up and get your cock in my mouth? then drop me an email today!

Rach xx

A Little Tuesday Spunking!

a very horny long term member popped by today on his way home from work to shoot his filth right up inside my snatch!

tanned bare legs, naughty little sexy black number and killer heels is how i greeted him at the door!, could see the bulge in his trouser and just had to give him  a rub through his trousers prior to going into the bed room!

he flipped me straight onto the bed and thrust his rock hard cock deep into my hot waiting mouth!, before i knew it he was down on my licking my lush shaven pussy into a frenzied orgasm and as i was still quivering with my orgasm still ripping through my body my pussy was still pulsating he stuffed his rock hard cock deep inside me and screwed the arse off me until he spewed his married load right up inside my bare cunt!

fucking love hot and horny sex!!!

Rach xx

Swinging in the UK

Now that summer is here and in full swing! Why not check out the After Dark websites for the very best in Swinging in the UK.

Lots happening on the After Dark forums with meets every weekend and during the week, A Gangbang on the 24th ALL single guys’ welcome, full details can be found by visiting the Swinging and dogging forum on the link below.

Dogging meets every weekend and lots going on during the week, why not come along to one of my daytime or evening member only dogging meets.

Nothing like a double member blow!

whats better than 1 cock? 2 cocks of course….although i do tend to prefer as many as possible!, more the merrier as they say!

guzzling and sucking on multiple cocks is the best, being bent over and screwed while sucking cock is even better!!!

Currently away on tour!, log in to find my location and come put that hard cock into one of my orifices!

email me for my special Summer offer!

Rach xx