Its not all about dogging

I do love my member meet days and even more so when its come fuck me at home day, blindfolded and waiting for cock

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Swinging in the UK

Now that summer is here and in full swing! Why not check out the After Dark websites for the very best in Swinging in the UK.

Lots happening on the After Dark forums with meets every weekend and during the week, A Gangbang on the 24th ALL single guys’ welcome, full details can be found by visiting the Swinging and dogging forum on the link below.

Dogging meets every weekend and lots going on during the week, why not come along to one of my daytime or evening member only dogging meets.

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Dogging this weekend

Its going to be another scorching hot dogging weekend!!! Looking forward to the member meets 😀


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young and hung goes balls deep!

Very horny meet with a young and hung and very horny member this evening!

he screwed the arse off me and we took so many videos!, have attached a little teaser sample for you all of me sucking his cock!

wanna come meet me?!, slip your nice hard cock into my mouth! the make sure you become a member by taking advantage of my summer sizzler offer!!

Rach xx

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Nothing like a double member blow!

whats better than 1 cock? 2 cocks of course….although i do tend to prefer as many as possible!, more the merrier as they say!

guzzling and sucking on multiple cocks is the best, being bent over and screwed while sucking cock is even better!!!

Currently away on tour!, log in to find my location and come put that hard cock into one of my orifices!

email me for my special Summer offer!

Rach xx

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Sizzling Summer Deal!

I have an amazing HOT Summer deal for you

Join my website and also get free membership to

After Dark Swinging and Dogging

Gloryhole UK

UK Amateur Videos

PLUS membership to 8 more websites

Offer is only available if you join for a single one off 12month membership and you can also join by PayPal or Bacs.

Email me for full details or to join

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Dogging blow weekend

This weekend and during the week next week keep a lookout for instant google map locations posted on my website for a quick spontaneous dogging meet.

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Dogging tales

The stranger kept telling her how hot she was and worked his hips as he did his best to fuck her mouth. Finally, he crawled in the van and positioned himself on his knees where his balls dangled over my face as my wife serviced him.

I was still somewhat uncomprehending of the entire situation and had pretty much forgotten the guy behind my wife, when I felt her hips lift and my cock fall out of her wet hole with a plopping noise.

I did my best to look around the blowjob happening right above my face and saw the other stranger smile at me. He did this as he crawled into the van and straddled my legs while positioning himself behind my wife before pressing up against her.

She suddenly started and her eyes popped wide open, as he entered her in what must have been one hard stroke. She made a startled whimpering sound and was bounced forward by his thrusts. Soon, the whimpers were of ecstasy and she glanced at me briefly with a twinkle in her eye and winked before giving herself back over to her passions.

I lay there under my wife and two strangers, not quite helpless, but not willing to move either. I was mesmerized by the spectacle of the event before me.

Her eyes were wide open now as she looked at the big cock stranger with what can only be described as adoration. She alternated between sucking and stroking him with both her hands. She was literally using his cock to keep herself aloft. If I had to describe it, she was worshipping his cock. This was done while the stranger behind her fucked her for all he was worth. He had one goal in mind and one goal only, which he achieved in less than two minutes.

With a groan he announced, “I’m cumming slut!”

Another surprise for me when my wife purred, “Yes! Cum inside me you fucking bastard!”

He fell over the edge and grunted several times as he unloaded unknown quantities of his seed inside of her. His spunk now mixing with my own two loads.

She quit sucking cock as he pumped her full, happily cooing, “Thank you baby, thank you so very much.”

I had no idea whether she was talking to him or me.

He thought it was him, because with a smack on her ass, he said, “You’re welcome slut,” before backing out of the van.

After a few deep breaths, my wife lifted up to start sucking again, but was stopped by the big-cocked man when he said, “No baby. Turn around. It’s my turn.”

Not only was I not surprised, but I was damn near eager to see what happened next. Teresa apparently felt the same. She gave me a quick kiss, on which I could taste the stranger’s manhood and stood the best she could inside the van. I had an unprecedented view of her vagina when she stood, and it was leaking copious amounts of sex fluid. She hurriedly and unceremoniously turned and dropped to her knees over my face.


The smell of sex was strong, as a glob of sperm dripped out of her opening and landed on my mouth. Not hesitating, she bent back over and presented herself to the stranger. I unconsciously licked the juices from my face and distractedly wondered if his cock would fit in her. I also pondered if she was worried or scared about its size. She answered my thoughts with one statement.

Pleadingly, she begged, “Please, fuck me hard with your big cock.”

I watched in wonderment and limited admiration as he pressed the mushroom head of his cock against her gooey opening. It looked slightly open from the fucking she’d had from me and the other stranger, but still looked incredibly tiny compared to the monster about to invade her.

It turned out that invade was the correct word. He gripped her hips and without finesse, pressed hard against her. I saw her labia spread open and when his head disappeared into my wife’s cunt, she squealed, “Yes, yes, yes! Give it to me!”

She lowered her upper body and rested her head on my cock, which was hardening again. Grunting like an animal, her nails dug into my thighs as she seemed as determined as him to get all that cock inside of her.

I witnessed the inches disappear into her depths and wondered exactly how deep she really was. Apparently, I had never bottomed out inside of her.

Her pussy squelched as they both pressed harder and filled her to near capacity. The sperm from me and the other guy had no place to go inside of her, so squeezed out between their sex organs and began streaming down onto my face.

As it occurred, I gave into my basest sexual animal and opened to receive the gift I was being given. I had eaten my own creampie from her before. This, because she loved it so much, and not because it was something I had necessarily enjoyed. However, this time I wanted it and wanted it badly.

I must have made an audible sound of satisfaction, because I felt my wife lift off my body. I peered down and she was looking under herself and watching me lap the cum as fast as it hit my mouth. I was both ashamed and excited that I’d been caught, but I couldn’t stop eating the juices flowing onto my face.

My wife was now being rhythmically fucked and the pace was quickening, but I heard her say, “That’s it baby, eat that cum. You’re a filthy boy and I love you so much,” before her mouth engulfed my cock and she gave me a blowjob in cadence with her fucking. It only increased my hunger for more.

Checking the stranger’s progress, he was stroking most of his cock in and out my wife. More cum fell out of her pussy when he finally pressed her vulva fully against his pelvis. Without hesitation, I gobbled it down as he picked up the pace.


Soon he was fucking her with abandon and she could no longer suck my cock. I could tell by her sounds and convulsing pussy above my face that she was in a state of constant orgasm. Her vocabulary had declined to only two or three words, most of which were, “Fuck me, fuck me!”

I watched as his massive manhood destroyed my wife’s cunt; literally, right before my eyes. He seemed to fuck her forever, with her nails digging painfully into my legs the entire time. Realistically, it was probably only 3-5 minutes.

Finally, he growled and said, “Take it slut,” before hammering harder than ever before. She squealed as he hammered about ten more times and then he stopped rock still.

I saw it all. His balls twitched, contracted and then everything began to pulse strongly. I saw his balls throb, his shaft throb, and finally, I could see my wife’s tummy throb from the size of him. He was shooting sperm deeper into her than any has ever gone before. If she was fertile at this moment, the lead sperm didn’t have far to swim to reach its destination.

When he finished, he pulled out and his big cock actually landed on my face. Our eyes met and he smiled apologetically. He was no less surprised than I when my tongue flicked out and licked some sticky cream from his shaft. He seemed to understand something I had not grasped yet and smiled again before rubbing his cock all over my face and finally placing the tip at my mouth.

Automatically, and without solid realization, I opened up and slurped it in. I’d never had a gay thought in my life, and in truth, didn’t consider myself sucking cock as much as I was cleaning the mixture of him and my wife off of him. Regardless, I was sucking his big cock willingly. I cleaned his shaft for a few minutes when he said, “That’s enough, thanks,” and pulled away.

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Summer dogging

This recent weather is just amazing!! looking forward to some good old school summer dogging fun in some of my favourite dogging haunts around the UK.

Website will be updated today!!!! 😀

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Dogging fun

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