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Road side spunking

Absolutely nothing beats stopping on a busy roadside, jumping in the back of a workman’s van, spreading my legs and getting a cunt full of hard cock followed by a hot sticky sweet filthy load of man muck!!

As you know i’m back touring and meeting as many of my members as possible and I couldn’t wait to jump in the back of this filthy fuckers van and get my tight wet snatch reamed and creamed!

log in and find out where im gonna be in November! – something BIG is coming and you wont want to miss out!!

Rach xx

Dogging in the Sunshine is the best!

Absolutely nothing beats a bit of dogging in this absolutely lush hot sunshine!

being tag teamed and fucked outdoors while feeling the cool summer breeze in your face, while getting my cunt stuffed and my mouth pumped at the same time is simply amazing!

these horny members too it in turn to enjoy my lush hot tight pussy until they both nutted their load right into my cervix!

lush as fuck!

wanna come bang me in the sunshine?
all you have to be is a member of my fabulous site and you too could be nuts deep inside my sex in the glorious sunshine!

Rach xx

Tee-bagging and spunked titties!

Casually bumped into a long term member last night while out and about driving and he invited me back to his place for some fun!

this was an off the cuff meet so I was dressed all casual in jeans and a jumper but still looking my normal beautiful self!

we got back to his place and he lead me upstairs to his bedroom and we started to undress, he so generously decided to give me a very lovely back massage and pulled my jeans down to just below my lush round meaty bum! I could feel him jerking his young hard cock behind me and I just knew what was coming next!

he lent forward and slipped his rock hard girth slowly between my legs and up deep into my wet waiting tight pussy, the feeling of pleasure was amazing! wanting more I decided to just come up onto my knees and a curled up ball position pushing my ass right up into the air and allowing him to rock his girth gently and deeply inside me really making me moan out in pleasure!

he asked if he could squirt his hot load all over my fabulous tits, to which I was very happy to oblige! – I rolled myself over and he sat above my head lowering his balls into my mouth as he wanked his hard cock above me!

sucking and licking on his smooth shaven balls and having him slide his cock balls deep into my mouth, I could feel every vein of his straining cock pulsating in my mouth and throat!

wasn’t long before he was ready to pump his hot stick load all over my amazing pert 38EE tits!

Rach xx

Horny late night house call!

off I went to this house to meet 2 very horny guys who had spent the evening drinking beer and watching porn and had become VERY aroused!

Enter me! primed and ready to relieve their horny hard spunk filled cocks in the perfect Rachel style!

Stockings, basque and killer heels at the ready, smoothly shaven pussy already wet with anticipation!

sitting on the one lads face while his mate watched us and the porn playing in the back ground while playing with his hard cock – rather erotic situation!

once the one lad had his fill of my sweet juices, I led back on the sofa and the other one delved into my sweet fleshy folds of pleasure!

my pussy was throbbing and now wanting to be penetrated – the got me on all fours and spit roasted me, taking it in turns to swap ends until they both spewed their horny filthy thick loads of lush spunk!

3sums are my absolute favourite!, nothing better than having your mouth and cunt both full of hard cock at the same time and its especially better if the guys manage that perfect rhythm back and forth! Heaven!!

Rach xx

Another new member meet!!

Another new member meet!

This guy joined on Friday morning and then was balls deep inside my tight wet snatch by Friday afternoon

He didn’t last long either as he offloaded the days stress deep inside my smooth tight hole


More member meets coming this week! Plus new videos and photos!

Fucking in your van!

I adore meeting members on the road side and fucking in their vans!!!

while out on tour I’m traveling all over the place and quite a few members are white van drivers which make things very easy regarding meets!! – we simply pull up on the road side and fuck in the van there and then!

its extremely risky, very slutty and very very horny!

ive met many many van men over the years and simply cant get enough!! – there was this one time, we pulled over o a very busy bypass at peak traffic time, luckily had had a van with a sliding side door!

we fucked in his van as busy traffic whizzed by the side of us!, including a few police cars!

my summer tour is still in progress!, and I’m still out meeting horny spunk filled blokes up and down the country and will be until the end of September!!

Do you have a van? Do you fancy filling me with your white stuff on the road side somewhere? – then log into my members area and find out where I’m going to be and when!! and Lets fuck!!!!

My BIG40 membership offer is still running until 30th Sept!! – £40 for a whole years subscription to my slutty site! – this will see you thru the rest of this year and for all the fun to come in Summer 2018!

Mail me for info!! Rachel@rachelreveals.co.uk

Rach xx

Southampton Stiff!

I do love nothing more than naughty horny risky locations! – this naughty member snook me into his office early morning for a good filling of the lush white stuff!

laying me back in his bosses office chair, licking my wet throbbing pussy while rubbing his lush stiff cock!

he tongue fucked my pussy until it was dripping wet and throbbing before taking his hard stiff shaft in his hand and plunging it balls deep into my cunt! – nice long slow deep full strokes of pleasure which my legs were wrapped around his torso

feeling his pace quicken I knew his spunk was about to be shot deep into my love hole, holding totally still so that he could feel the pleasure of my tight cunt muscles caressing his shaft and milking off his fuck pole!

with a deep hard thrush he released himself deep inside me, letting out one hell of a moan of pleasure!!

My tour is still in full swing, be sure to sign up and join in the with fun!!

Rach xx

Cornwall DONE and drained!

Got back recently from my Cornwall leg of my fabulous summer tour – and I drained those janners DRY!

Visited all the major town’s in Cornwall – Newquay, Penzance, Truro, St Austell, Bodmin and everywhere in between and met with 26 very horny members!

Found some very nice secluded scenic spots for some alfresco fun! needless to say I was pumped full at both ends by multiple men everyday!

Too many filth encounters to describe but have put a couple of piccies up for your viewing pleasure- and as for the rest your just have to log into the members area and look for yourself!

The next leg of my tour is starting in 48hrs time! – log into the members area and find out where I’m going to be, could be somewhere near you!!!

Rach xx

Road side noshing!

The first leg of my tour has been done! – now onto the 2nd 🙂

nothing beats a naughty road side risky fun! – this member flopped is lush cock out by the busy road side for me to suck on before he blasted my massive tits with his filthy seed!

my tits are amazing, but look even better when covered in hot sticky cum – running down and dripping off my nipples!

for the 2nd leg of my tour – please log into my members area and check out my tour dates and locations.

Rach xx

The BIG Smoke!

Ventured into the Big smoke this weekend for some very horny fun!

Met with an American member who came over on business for some naughty fun in his hotel room…the view from his room was breath taking and the sex we pretty amazing too!

We took sometime to get to know one another while laying naked in the plush bed in silk sheets, while we talked he just kept fiddling with his cock! – well, I couldn’t hold of any longer and just had to take that cock deep in my mouth and suck it!

sucking on his hard shaft for a while, listening to him moan and groan was making my tight pussy ever so wet!, I SO needed his shaft deep inside me!

I let on my back and just spread my legs, no words no encouragement – he just climbed between them and slowly introduced his pre cum oozing shaft to my very wet and smooth cunt – rocking his cock into me slowly, deeper and deeper which started to feel amazing!

time to up the anti a bit!, flipping over onto my front, he got behind me and buried his dick balls deep in my wetness, banging that cock up me good and proper pushing deeper and deeper until his shot his very heavy load right up inside me!

pretty damn lush weekend all round – spent some time taking in the sites and had a spot to eat in Leicester Square – those who follow me on Snapchat would of soon my posts! 🙂

Rach xx