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lost stranger spills his load!

you seriously couldn’t make this stuff up!!, a day in the life of me is NEVER boring!

yesterday afternoon (Friday 13th) i was happily outside in the sunshine washing my car in my own little world!

a voice behind me said “excuse me, do you by any chance know where such in such is?” i looked up and said yes of course and gave him directions!

after i had given him directions, he looked at me very coy and said im sorry but is your name Rachel?, i smiled and replied yes! he was like OMG ive been a massive fan of yours for years and a member for the last year!

Well, what could i do…other than take him inside and fuck him! he couldn’t believe his luck! and was inside like a shot!, i first led him on the bed and eagerly took his cock into my mouth and sucked his nice girthy cock until he was hard!

i then stripped off naked and bent over the bed presenting my curvy arse and wet pussy to him to help himself to! he pushed himself inside me and made me gasp out loudly, he is what i call a “rutter” the best kind of fucker! pounding his swollen shaft inside me i couldn’t get enough, begging him to fuck me harder and harder!

i wanted him to spew his load into my wet pussy but he was insistent on spunking his wad in my mouth!, so thats exactly what he did!

Friday the 13th is classed as an unlucky day but it sure was a lucky day for him!!

Rach xx

A Little Tuesday Spunking!

a very horny long term member popped by today on his way home from work to shoot his filth right up inside my snatch!

tanned bare legs, naughty little sexy black number and killer heels is how i greeted him at the door!, could see the bulge in his trouser and just had to give him  a rub through his trousers prior to going into the bed room!

he flipped me straight onto the bed and thrust his rock hard cock deep into my hot waiting mouth!, before i knew it he was down on my licking my lush shaven pussy into a frenzied orgasm and as i was still quivering with my orgasm still ripping through my body my pussy was still pulsating he stuffed his rock hard cock deep inside me and screwed the arse off me until he spewed his married load right up inside my bare cunt!

fucking love hot and horny sex!!!

Rach xx

Road side spunking

Absolutely nothing beats stopping on a busy roadside, jumping in the back of a workman’s van, spreading my legs and getting a cunt full of hard cock followed by a hot sticky sweet filthy load of man muck!!

As you know i’m back touring and meeting as many of my members as possible and I couldn’t wait to jump in the back of this filthy fuckers van and get my tight wet snatch reamed and creamed!

log in and find out where im gonna be in November! – something BIG is coming and you wont want to miss out!!

Rach xx

Tee-bagging and spunked titties!

Casually bumped into a long term member last night while out and about driving and he invited me back to his place for some fun!

this was an off the cuff meet so I was dressed all casual in jeans and a jumper but still looking my normal beautiful self!

we got back to his place and he lead me upstairs to his bedroom and we started to undress, he so generously decided to give me a very lovely back massage and pulled my jeans down to just below my lush round meaty bum! I could feel him jerking his young hard cock behind me and I just knew what was coming next!

he lent forward and slipped his rock hard girth slowly between my legs and up deep into my wet waiting tight pussy, the feeling of pleasure was amazing! wanting more I decided to just come up onto my knees and a curled up ball position pushing my ass right up into the air and allowing him to rock his girth gently and deeply inside me really making me moan out in pleasure!

he asked if he could squirt his hot load all over my fabulous tits, to which I was very happy to oblige! – I rolled myself over and he sat above my head lowering his balls into my mouth as he wanked his hard cock above me!

sucking and licking on his smooth shaven balls and having him slide his cock balls deep into my mouth, I could feel every vein of his straining cock pulsating in my mouth and throat!

wasn’t long before he was ready to pump his hot stick load all over my amazing pert 38EE tits!

Rach xx

Horny late night house call!

off I went to this house to meet 2 very horny guys who had spent the evening drinking beer and watching porn and had become VERY aroused!

Enter me! primed and ready to relieve their horny hard spunk filled cocks in the perfect Rachel style!

Stockings, basque and killer heels at the ready, smoothly shaven pussy already wet with anticipation!

sitting on the one lads face while his mate watched us and the porn playing in the back ground while playing with his hard cock – rather erotic situation!

once the one lad had his fill of my sweet juices, I led back on the sofa and the other one delved into my sweet fleshy folds of pleasure!

my pussy was throbbing and now wanting to be penetrated – the got me on all fours and spit roasted me, taking it in turns to swap ends until they both spewed their horny filthy thick loads of lush spunk!

3sums are my absolute favourite!, nothing better than having your mouth and cunt both full of hard cock at the same time and its especially better if the guys manage that perfect rhythm back and forth! Heaven!!

Rach xx

Why i LOVE Dogging

Dogging has been and always will be the biggest thrill of my life!, I never tire of it and every single encounter is absolutely different!

Pitch black silent car parks in the middle of the nowhere, waiting and wondering who I may or may not get to be pleasured by – how big will his cock be?, will he make me flood his shaft with my love juice?, will he pump my womb full of his lush thick fertile sperm?

All of a sudden I see head light, my heart rate quickens and my pussy starts to tingle – is this it?, is this a potential fuck?

There is no need for the flashing of interior lights, or brake light – lets face it at midnight in a dark car park you really are only there for one reason…..and that’s to get fucked! Good and hard!

The anticipation is off the scale with excitement!, and gets more intense as this complete stranger approaches the car!

I let him have me….absolutely anyway he wants me! – im his dirty little slut to pleasure himself inside and then walk away!

Want me to be your dirty little slut to pleasure yourself inside?

I meet AS MANY as my members as I possibly can, different cities and towns every single month all over the UK

Get yourself signed up and come and enjoy me in 2018!

Rach xx

Boobies blasted with spunk!

Sat at home in Gloucester on this god forsaken awful Friday afternoon getting ready for the next leg of my tour…..when a text from a horny member came thru asking if he could come and blast my huge tits with his spunk!

well, you should all know me by now! of course i said yes! – and an hour later after actually making the effort he arrived for some fun!

he dropped his trousers and to my absolute delight there in front of me was a lush big fat and handsome looking cock, ready for m to pleasure! – he wasn’t  half bad either 😉

taking his limp dick into my mouth and handing him my camera, I suck hungrily on his shaft feeling it stiffen and swell up ready to pump out his young filthy seed! – just a shame it wasn’t up my wet snatch as sucking on his young hung fuck tool got my pussy very wet indeed!

at the crucial moment, I pulled his cock from my mouth and aimed it at my perfectly shaped tits and teased the end until it erupted all over my tits!!


Cheers Mr A – the pleasure was all mine 🙂

Rach xx

Office Relief

I do love nothing more than relieving my horny members in their time of need! – and with all this recent sunshine, everyone seems to be so bloody horny!

This naughty member had a week from hell “apparently” and begged me to pop by his office during his lunch break and blow his tension away!, of course he didn’t need to beg – I was MORE than happy, willing and able to help out!

He had his own private office, but right outside the door were lots of his co-workers totally unaware that the boss was getting noshed off right there and then!

I sucked hungrily on his lush fat throbbing cock, deep throating him to perfection, resting his full smooth swollen balls on my chin feeling his base swell in readiness to pump his wad right down my slutty mouth!

he fired ream after ream of hot sticky yummy spunk right into my waiting warm throat and I loved every single drop!

Rach xx

The BIG Smoke!

Ventured into the Big smoke this weekend for some very horny fun!

Met with an American member who came over on business for some naughty fun in his hotel room…the view from his room was breath taking and the sex we pretty amazing too!

We took sometime to get to know one another while laying naked in the plush bed in silk sheets, while we talked he just kept fiddling with his cock! – well, I couldn’t hold of any longer and just had to take that cock deep in my mouth and suck it!

sucking on his hard shaft for a while, listening to him moan and groan was making my tight pussy ever so wet!, I SO needed his shaft deep inside me!

I let on my back and just spread my legs, no words no encouragement – he just climbed between them and slowly introduced his pre cum oozing shaft to my very wet and smooth cunt – rocking his cock into me slowly, deeper and deeper which started to feel amazing!

time to up the anti a bit!, flipping over onto my front, he got behind me and buried his dick balls deep in my wetness, banging that cock up me good and proper pushing deeper and deeper until his shot his very heavy load right up inside me!

pretty damn lush weekend all round – spent some time taking in the sites and had a spot to eat in Leicester Square – those who follow me on Snapchat would of soon my posts! 🙂

Rach xx

Easter Dogging Fun!

Looking forward to some Easter dogging fun!, looks to be a sunny Easter, just right for bending over the car seat in the afternoon sun and getting my hot wet little dogging snatch shafted rotten by as much bare cock as I can find! Forget your hot cross buns!, come enjoy my hot curvy bum!

Locations posted on my diary page on my website and on dogging after dark forums.

In true Easter tradition I’m offer an AMAZING membership offer – 1 WHOLE year of membership for just £50! yes that ONE WHOLE YEAR for Just £50 – paying directly with me!, for more information on this please email me!


This is a LIMITED offer tho and only available until midnight on Monday 17th April

Come and fuck me guys!!!

Rach xx