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Dogging locations and Tour dates for April and May


My locations and tour dates for April and May are now posted in my members area, why not log in and see where I am going to be and come meet me out dogging or in a local hotel room near you.

Some exciting destinations for me! and could be exciting for you too!

Planning to visit a few swingers clubs, sex shops and gloryholes whilst on the road meeting my members.

If you are not yet a member of my fantastic website with access to thousands of photos and videos, you can join on the website and have instant access, or email for details on joining discreetly by PayPal or bacs for a lifetime membership and get access to all my content, dates, locations and my private contact details and mobile number.

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A Little Tuesday Spunking!

a very horny long term member popped by today on his way home from work to shoot his filth right up inside my snatch!

tanned bare legs, naughty little sexy black number and killer heels is how i greeted him at the door!, could see the bulge in his trouser and just had to give him  a rub through his trousers prior to going into the bed room!

he flipped me straight onto the bed and thrust his rock hard cock deep into my hot waiting mouth!, before i knew it he was down on my licking my lush shaven pussy into a frenzied orgasm and as i was still quivering with my orgasm still ripping through my body my pussy was still pulsating he stuffed his rock hard cock deep inside me and screwed the arse off me until he spewed his married load right up inside my bare cunt!

fucking love hot and horny sex!!!

Rach xx

Member Meet

Had a  guy join my site last night, he called me on my personal phone number which he got from inside the members area….he was having a few problems accessing a certain video, we chatting on the phone and once i sorted out his problem the convo turned to sex!  I realised he was only 20mins from where i was and suggested popping round and sucking him off!!! He couldnt believe his ears!
No sooner had we ended the chat, i was knocking on his door! Wasnt long before i was on my knees, teasing his hard fat plump dick between my super soft and very talented lips!

Sucking hungrily like a spunk starved slut, i gobbled his full length deep into the depths of my throat…nestling my nose in his public hair! This all proved a bit to much for my new member and as i deep throated his beast for the 7th time, he held my head firmly down, keeping his bellend buried deep into the back of my throat and fired of jet after jets of hot thick cock cream straight down my throat!!!

wow!!! i bloody adore giving head and the power of bringing a dick to orgasm with my mouth is the most amazing power buzz ever!!! Next time, im def fucking that dick!!

Rach xx

Swinging in the UK

Now that summer is here and in full swing! Why not check out the After Dark websites for the very best in Swinging in the UK.

Lots happening on the After Dark forums with meets every weekend and during the week, A Gangbang on the 24th ALL single guys’ welcome, full details can be found by visiting the Swinging and dogging forum on the link below.

Dogging meets every weekend and lots going on during the week, why not come along to one of my daytime or evening member only dogging meets.

World cup V’s EE Cup!!

Bit late posting this as the glorious England win was last night but were still celebrating none the less!! – Its comin home!…..

This new horny member REALLY wanted me sucking and slurping on his fat hard cock while he watched the game and of course I was more than happy to oblige!

butt naked and ready for his cock and sat in front of the TV with the football playing in the back ground!

he spent the whole match dipping his dick in and out of my hot waiting mouth and into my hot sweet sticky pussy and managed to cum multiple times during the 90 mins AND extra time!

this young stud had just as much stamina as the England players!

he topped enjoyed spunking all over my fantastic EE tits as well as balls deep in my sweet cunt thrusting into me with each penalty shoot! finally firing his load on the winning goal!!! SCORE!!!!!!! get in there my son!!!!!

Football and a big titt’d blonde sucking your cock – what more could a man want!

Rach xx

Tee-bagging and spunked titties!

Casually bumped into a long term member last night while out and about driving and he invited me back to his place for some fun!

this was an off the cuff meet so I was dressed all casual in jeans and a jumper but still looking my normal beautiful self!

we got back to his place and he lead me upstairs to his bedroom and we started to undress, he so generously decided to give me a very lovely back massage and pulled my jeans down to just below my lush round meaty bum! I could feel him jerking his young hard cock behind me and I just knew what was coming next!

he lent forward and slipped his rock hard girth slowly between my legs and up deep into my wet waiting tight pussy, the feeling of pleasure was amazing! wanting more I decided to just come up onto my knees and a curled up ball position pushing my ass right up into the air and allowing him to rock his girth gently and deeply inside me really making me moan out in pleasure!

he asked if he could squirt his hot load all over my fabulous tits, to which I was very happy to oblige! – I rolled myself over and he sat above my head lowering his balls into my mouth as he wanked his hard cock above me!

sucking and licking on his smooth shaven balls and having him slide his cock balls deep into my mouth, I could feel every vein of his straining cock pulsating in my mouth and throat!

wasn’t long before he was ready to pump his hot stick load all over my amazing pert 38EE tits!

Rach xx

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