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corona virus FFS!

Well, like many many other people in the UK and all around the world im in lockdown with no essential travel not permitted which is frustrating to say the least, especially with all this gorgeous weather were having at the moment!

i wanna be outside fucking my members and getting filled to my hearts content but instead im at home, wanking myself silly, watching Netflix, entertaining horny guys online via webcam and private members only skype shows! my poor vibrators have not has this much use in such a long time!…gonna need more batteries very soon!

i guarantee you that as SOON as this ban is lifted im going to be out there like some fucking filthy horny sex starved and sex crazed nympho looking to get my VERY tight cunt sliding up and down on as many rock hard cocks as i possibly can!!

During this lock down period i am of course offering a very special membership offer to try ease your boredom and relieve some of that yummy spunk from you bulging ball sacks!

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i really do pity the first dick my tight pussy is going to slide down, he will not know what’s hit him and im going to milk every single drop of his man muck right out of him!!

want that to be you? then you know what to do!!!

as put some of my favourite filthy memories from the last few months on my blog post!, seriously cant wait to get out and make some more!!

Rach xxx

World cup V’s EE Cup!!

Bit late posting this as the glorious England win was last night but were still celebrating none the less!! – Its comin home!…..

This new horny member REALLY wanted me sucking and slurping on his fat hard cock while he watched the game and of course I was more than happy to oblige!

butt naked and ready for his cock and sat in front of the TV with the football playing in the back ground!

he spent the whole match dipping his dick in and out of my hot waiting mouth and into my hot sweet sticky pussy and managed to cum multiple times during the 90 mins AND extra time!

this young stud had just as much stamina as the England players!

he topped enjoyed spunking all over my fantastic EE tits as well as balls deep in my sweet cunt thrusting into me with each penalty shoot! finally firing his load on the winning goal!!! SCORE!!!!!!! get in there my son!!!!!

Football and a big titt’d blonde sucking your cock – what more could a man want!

Rach xx

Dogging in the Sunshine is the best!

Absolutely nothing beats a bit of dogging in this absolutely lush hot sunshine!

being tag teamed and fucked outdoors while feeling the cool summer breeze in your face, while getting my cunt stuffed and my mouth pumped at the same time is simply amazing!

these horny members too it in turn to enjoy my lush hot tight pussy until they both nutted their load right into my cervix!

lush as fuck!

wanna come bang me in the sunshine?
all you have to be is a member of my fabulous site and you too could be nuts deep inside my sex in the glorious sunshine!

Rach xx

Horny late night house call!

off I went to this house to meet 2 very horny guys who had spent the evening drinking beer and watching porn and had become VERY aroused!

Enter me! primed and ready to relieve their horny hard spunk filled cocks in the perfect Rachel style!

Stockings, basque and killer heels at the ready, smoothly shaven pussy already wet with anticipation!

sitting on the one lads face while his mate watched us and the porn playing in the back ground while playing with his hard cock – rather erotic situation!

once the one lad had his fill of my sweet juices, I led back on the sofa and the other one delved into my sweet fleshy folds of pleasure!

my pussy was throbbing and now wanting to be penetrated – the got me on all fours and spit roasted me, taking it in turns to swap ends until they both spewed their horny filthy thick loads of lush spunk!

3sums are my absolute favourite!, nothing better than having your mouth and cunt both full of hard cock at the same time and its especially better if the guys manage that perfect rhythm back and forth! Heaven!!

Rach xx