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Why i LOVE Dogging

Dogging has been and always will be the biggest thrill of my life!, I never tire of it and every single encounter is absolutely different!

Pitch black silent car parks in the middle of the nowhere, waiting and wondering who I may or may not get to be pleasured by – how big will his cock be?, will he make me flood his shaft with my love juice?, will he pump my womb full of his lush thick fertile sperm?

All of a sudden I see head light, my heart rate quickens and my pussy starts to tingle – is this it?, is this a potential fuck?

There is no need for the flashing of interior lights, or brake light – lets face it at midnight in a dark car park you really are only there for one reason…..and that’s to get fucked! Good and hard!

The anticipation is off the scale with excitement!, and gets more intense as this complete stranger approaches the car!

I let him have me….absolutely anyway he wants me! – im his dirty little slut to pleasure himself inside and then walk away!

Want me to be your dirty little slut to pleasure yourself inside?

I meet AS MANY as my members as I possibly can, different cities and towns every single month all over the UK

Get yourself signed up and come and enjoy me in 2018!

Rach xx

Pure lust for Dogging!

Ive been into the dogging scene for just over 10 years now and can honestly say despite it being 10 years the thrill for me just gets better and better – its never dull, boring or unexciting! – infact it gets better and better!

When I slip into my sexy stockings and suspenders and step into my killer heels I feel a tingle of anticipation within my sex – and when I pull into the dark seedy car park or dogging spot my heart races with excitement! – you NEVER know what your going to get, or who your going to meet! – its that thrill of a one night stand over and over again!

I adore meeting my members, as well as horny lucky strangers who are in the right place at the right time! – ive travelled all over the country and checked out SO many dogging spots, hundreds infact! – I simply LOVE it!

Golden Acre
Devils Dyke
Haldon Woods
Camer Park
Davey Down

to name JUST a few! – every UK dogging location is listed within my members area!

2017 is going to be NO different!, many dogging tours will be planned, more members will be met and a humongous amount of spunk will be shed!

Thousands of pictures and hundreds of raw action videos can be found inside the members area! – so get yourself signed up, check out my diary as to where I’m going to be and when – get yourself and your hard spunk filled cock on the road and come and be drained by THE best dogging QUEEN in the UK!

Teamed up with the amazing Dogging AfterDark and AfterDark Swingers there is absolutely something for everyone!

I offer discreet ways to join, via paypal or direct bank transfers – and have many offers and discounts available when joining via these options, as well as offers and deals on joining Rachel Reveals and the AfterDark websites

Just email me directly should you want anymore information on these deals and offers

Look forward to meeting many of you and draining your balls over the coming year!

Rachel xx

Decemeber Fun!

It might be December and bloody cold outside but that doesn’t stop me dogging and having fun – after all I am the queen of the dogging scene!!

Decided on a spot of raw spontaneous dogging, pulled on my silky stockings and my high heels and headed to my local dogging spot!

Pulling into a quiet car park we were very quickly joined by 2 cars both with single guys in!, I wound down the window and simply said “I have a wet pussy in need of fucking – fancy it?”

Well the blokes were out of their cars as quick as lightening!, I to was out the car, skirt up and giving them the goods as quick as anything!!

I took it in turns to suck on both their big fat juicy dicks, making them both nice and hard ready to slide balls deep into my throbbing fuck hole!!!!

Being spit roasted by the side of the car is the most ultimate thrill!!, feeling two different strangers cocks penetrating my most private and intimate parts it’s a huge turn on and feeling them pump wad after wad of hot stick semen inside my sex is the best feeling in the world!!!!

After being filled I simply pulled up my panties and lowered my skirt and hopped back in my car, pulled out the car park and headed to another one in search of more cock!!!!

im going to be out dogging now right the way up to Christmas!, come on guys come blow your load and fill my stockings!!

Rach xx

open air cock!!

As most of you know I love meeting members of my website for quick horny filthy fucks outside in the open, and I also frequently meet up with guys from After Dark, the best swinger’s website I have found on the internet.

This guy from After Dark wanted to fuck me outside in his car in broad daylight, and he wanted to fuck me with my panties on so that they soaked up all the pussy and cock juice and he could take them away with him after as a kind of “fuck trophy”

He had a bloody lush cock too!!! And I really enjoyed him just doing me doggy in the car; it’s always my favourite kind of fuck!

I am going to be on the road for the next 4 days mostly along the M5 travelling and staying in Hotels looking for some really horny guys to give me a right good seeing too!! Dates, times, locations and my mobile number can be found on the diary page of my website.


Rach xx

car suck!

I do love nothing more the sucking on a nice hard cock in the front seat of my car!, I sure do give amazing head! – you only need to listen to the attached video to hear this lucky guys moans and groans of pleasure!


Rach xx

Member and his mate!

Popped round to meet up with a new member for some horny fun, didn’t bank on meeting his mate too – but OH BOY im so glad I did!!!!

He became a member of my site and told his mate about me, but like most guys he was sceptical that I was actually real and did as my site says it does!, so he invited him along to prove him wrong!

he definitely changed his tune once his hard cock was balls deep in my wet and warm talented mouth sucking his dick within an inch of its life!

having two horny dicks to play with makes me so wet and horny!, I love being spitroasted and stuffed with dick senseless from both ends!!! – I love it even better when both of them time their jets of spunk perfectly and both fill me at the same time!!

feeling hot salty thick spunk filling my mouth as I feel hot jets of sperm filling my cunt ream after ream, really is one of the best feeling in the world!!!

Wanna meet me?, got a mate that wants to meet me too? – then ill have you both!, would be my pleasure!!!

Rach xx

Out being a dogging slut AGAIN!!!

This week has been real shit for weather BUT that hasnt stopped me getting out and about and sliding my tight fuck slut dogging gash up and down some well lush fat spunk filled dicks!!

Dodging the rain drops, i met with 3 of my members this week for some filthy dogging spunky fun!!

No sooner had i stepped from my car, they had their hands up my skirt, fingers up my gash hole and egging me down to suck and and deep throat on their plump fat spunk filled shafts!!!

One guy face fucked my pretty face on his heavy load as it spewed into my throat, as the other guy used my dogging cumslut cunt as a wank rag – purely for his own selfish pleasure, dumping his filthy load right up inside my slutty hole as soon as he was ready!!

The guy who spunked my mouth had recovered but the time the other guy had creamed my love tunnel, and span me round ready for round two!!  this time he thrust he hard dick right up my puckered little arse hole, pounded me hard and made me scream out in pleasure but the tightness of my lush fuckable arse proved too much for him and he just had to let another lush load of dick juice go right up inside my rectum!!!

The 3rd guy stood and watched and wanked his man meat nice and hard and once the other two had spunked their loads he took hold of me!!!, thrusting his dick in my mouth first!, then into my spunked up arse hole for some good deep thrusts and then BACK in my moutht o suck him clean!!!, the then proceeded to go into my cunt to blow his load!!!! – once he had blown he brough his cock back up to my mouth for the ultimate clean up!!!

i sure felt like a lush used little fuck slut whore after getting ALL 3 of my filthy holes reamed and creamed at once!!!

Rach xx

Member Gloryhole suck off evening 16th Oct

As advertised in the “Dates and Events” section of my members area – Tonight I held a member gloryhole suck off evening!!!

I was available for 2 hours between 5pm and 7pm for any member that called on the members only number to come and stick their fat spunk filled cocks through my gloryhole for me to suck them dry!!

I was such a lucky girl today!!, I sucked on some real lush rock hard shaft and took some real thick salty loads of hot cum!!!! – sucking on some proper lush plump cock and 2 horny black cocks!!!! – I DO love a nice meaty black cock!, and as u can see from the pics one of the black cocks was an absolute monster!!

The monster black cock was the last cock through my gloryhole and after sucking on so many during the 2 hours period I was as horny as fuck!!!

The last member peered through the gloryhole as I did a horny strip tease for him, stripping off and kneeling behind the gloryhole stark bollock naked!!!!

Having the need to feel that fucking lush fat monster cock inside me, I turned round and pushed my very wet dripping cunt hole right up against the gloryhole so that he could penetrate me!!

OMG – his fat monster dick felt absolutely amazing sliding balls deep up inside me!!!, and he fucked me like a proper black dick loving slut!!!

Cant wait until the next member gloryhole evening!!, never know what cocks im going to get!!

Rach xxx

Brotherly Love!!

Being spit-roasted is my absolute all-time favourite thing!, nothing beats the feeling of rock hard cock pounding away at my tight wet dripping pussy as im sucked on hard cock feeling it hitting the back of my throat as im jammed forward onto it via the pure hard thrust of the bloke behind me!!!

I was thrilled when a new local member mailed me last night and asked if I fancied a horny spit roast with him and his brother!! – oh yes please!!!!

Meeting up at a quiet remote location I couldn’t get my knickers down fast enough to let brother 1 inside of me as I sucked on his sibling’s shaft!!!

Grabbing onto my ample arse he thrust his cock deep inside my sex and I gobbled on brother number 2’s cock!!!! – During the whole encounter they were talking between them talking about how good my cunt feels and how amazingly I was sucking cock!!!!

Then I heard “oh Bruv, im about to spit my load into this slut’s cunt, coming in after for sloppies?” – I think this proved too much for brother num 2 as he let out an almighty groan and said “nah bruv im shooting my load in her mouth right now”

Just as brother 2 shot his wad in my hot slutty mouth I felt brother num 1 tense up and empty ream after ream of hot sticky cum deep inside my cum tunnel!!!

WOW!!, what a superb and horny encounter – just a shame they weren’t identical twins! – Now THAT would have been real horny!!!

Rach xx

Suffolk Tour!

Just spent an absolutely fabulous 4 days in Suffolk visiting Norwich and Ipswich meeting member and getting myself fucked senseless!!!!

Met with these 3 horny member in a secluded wooded area near a public toilet in Saxtead, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on me and all 3 of them whipped out their cock ready for me to suck on!!!!!!

I sucked greedily on each hard cock in turn before they bent me over and took turns on fucking me doggy good and hard!!!!! One guy had such a huge fat cock which felt absolutely bloody lush stuffed right up inside my very wet cunt!!!!!

After they had all at a go on me, I sat back on the wooden fence and had all 3 of them empty their hot sticky spunk all over my lush 38EE tits!!, totally plastering me in cum!!!!!

Also during our stay in the area we were very fortunate to meet with an amazing couple from the AfterDark Swingers website in Norwich for an evening of amazing fun!!! – hubby and I both took turn on licking out the lovely ladies sweet wet pussy!!!, once we made her cum on our tongues, her husband bent me over and fucked me real hard as I watched his wife and my hubby in a 69 with us both giving my hubby a 2 girl blowwy – watching my man spunk down the throat of another woman as im taking her husband’s hot cum deep inside me at the very same time truly is something SO horny and amazing!!!!!!!

Cant wait to go back to Suffolk again for some more fun, and judging by the fun we had it certainly wont be long until were back!!!

I visit different cities and towns every single week, be sure to log into my exclusive members area to find out where im going to be next!!


Rach xx