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Hi I’m Rachel from the UK, hot, Horny, Sassy Blonde, addicted Sexaholic Dogging Nympho Cum slut, I am a sex addict and i cant get enough cock!!

Lots of guys mail me, thinking that i am not genuine or real…but i am!!!
I really love to meet random strangers for no strings sex, swift fast and furious fucking.
I have a love of spunk and just adore being pumped full of fresh hot filthy spunk!!

Why dont you call me direct and find out for yourself that i AM real, i DO meet members and i WILL fuck you!!
It doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are or how big your cock is, I just want sex!

I really am the ultimate Blonde Cum Slut Whore you dream about meeting, I will do anything your imagination can think of sexually and milk your balls dry!!!!

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125 thoughts on “All about Rachel

  1. Hannah B

    Hi Rachel,

    just had to say how jealous I am of you! You are doing just what I would love to do but don’t have the nerve or I guess opportunity!

    Go girl, enjoy yourself for all us closet sluts.


  2. Gary

    Hi Rachel,

    I must say, I would love to meet you if you even come to Scotland.

    I have watched all your videos on xhamster and you never fail to 1. Get me hard and 2. Cum very quickly.

    I thnk you look stunning with your short hair. Would love to meet up with you.

    Gary x

  3. Andy (Chelt)

    Hi Rachel. Stumbled on your site by chance and love what you’ve got here.
    Your unbeatable combination of ‘gorgeous/insatiable/enthusiastic’ is a package which this particular red-blooded pussy-pleaser, finds irresistable.
    My cock is still throbbing over your blog stories/pictures and would love to make a hot, fresh contribution to your cum collection!
    I’m very tempted to splurge (scuse pun) on 6 months membership but if you are currently touring the country, there doesnt seem much point, until you are back in Gloucestershire.
    I’ll keep a close eye on your blog and when you are back on home turf, I’ll give my debit card a spanking on the ‘Join’ page. 🙂
    Cant wait to see more of you in action. Keep it up… I definitely will 😉

  4. Dave

    Think you are ACE and would love to have you here on my cock, ive not long got back from a visit to the desert so im in need of emptying my balls down your throat

  5. Alex

    Rachel, what a pleasure it was to meet you.

    I met her at her lovely play pad and it was an experience I will never forget.

    I was a little nervous as it was my first time to this

    But rachel made me feel sooo welcome and at ease

    She is a wonderful lady and drop dead gorgeous..

    I had an amazing time

    All I can say is become a member and you will have the time of your life

    Big kisses



  6. walter dickson

    hi rachel think your vids and pics are superb,when are you coming up to scotland or to be more specific inverness. i will be joining your site to see more vids and pics of you so i can wank over them till i get to see the real you in person.

  7. Dave

    100000 visitor to “All about Rachel” so I thought I better mark the occasion – congrats Rach and keep up the good work!!

  8. jono long

    i need to see you, i have wet dreams at night thinking about you and your blog post. your lovely ass makes me steaming ahrd a night

    whish i could see you
    much love jono

  9. Sharon Scott

    Hey babe,

    Wondered if youre heading to Leeds anytime soon, i know me and my man would be well up for some dogging!

    Please give us a shout sometime 07704512496, always looking to meet new partners


  10. Simon

    I’ve just moved to Kingsway, Quedeley so maybe I’ll get to meet you some time. That would be amazing!

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