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Off the cuff!

Made a shout out on my Twitter last night, gagging to suck some cock!

of course i was inundated with offers but sadly a lot were a long way away and unable to make it, except one guy!  He wasn’t a member but signed up directly and within the hour or so his hard cock was in my mouth!

We met up at Gordano services, he hopped in my car and we pulled around the corner and parked up for some fun!!  He whipped his cock out and i gobbled him down just like the hungry little cock loving slut that i am!!

i always have membership deals running when joining directly with me!
wanna sign up and get your cock in my mouth? then drop me an email today!

Rach xx

A Little Tuesday Spunking!

a very horny long term member popped by today on his way home from work to shoot his filth right up inside my snatch!

tanned bare legs, naughty little sexy black number and killer heels is how i greeted him at the door!, could see the bulge in his trouser and just had to give him  a rub through his trousers prior to going into the bed room!

he flipped me straight onto the bed and thrust his rock hard cock deep into my hot waiting mouth!, before i knew it he was down on my licking my lush shaven pussy into a frenzied orgasm and as i was still quivering with my orgasm still ripping through my body my pussy was still pulsating he stuffed his rock hard cock deep inside me and screwed the arse off me until he spewed his married load right up inside my bare cunt!

fucking love hot and horny sex!!!

Rach xx

Too cold? – never!

Cold weather doesn’t put me off!, I’m hardcore!

being screw on a heated front seat, heels up on the dash while he is balls deep in my wet gash is horny as hell!

road side fucking with the high chance of being spotted by a passerby just adds to the excitement

proper thrill seeking fucking!

come join me this year! 1 on 1 meets, group meets, dogging, hotel meets and marital bed fucking is just a few of the things that get my fuck juices flowing!

Rach xx

Road side fun!

nothing like a filthy spontaneous road side fuck!

met with the member for a bit of off the cuff fun, didn’t really have anywhere to go, so we parked the car over the entrance to a bus stop and went inside for some fun!

sucking on his cock for a brief moment to make sure he was nice and hard, the bent over the bus stop seat ready to get shafted doggy style!

completely unaware of any passing traffic or pedestrians – I was just in the zone enjoying the lush fat cock that was penetrating my pussy giving me a huge wad of spunk!

do love naughty and risky places!!! turns me right on!!

Rach xx

Cornwall DONE and drained!

Got back recently from my Cornwall leg of my fabulous summer tour – and I drained those janners DRY!

Visited all the major town’s in Cornwall – Newquay, Penzance, Truro, St Austell, Bodmin and everywhere in between and met with 26 very horny members!

Found some very nice secluded scenic spots for some alfresco fun! needless to say I was pumped full at both ends by multiple men everyday!

Too many filth encounters to describe but have put a couple of piccies up for your viewing pleasure- and as for the rest your just have to log into the members area and look for yourself!

The next leg of my tour is starting in 48hrs time! – log into the members area and find out where I’m going to be, could be somewhere near you!!!

Rach xx

I love to suck cock!

After spending the majority of the day looking at horny pics and working on my site i decided i fancied a good hard dick to suck on!!  Hopped in the car, dressed in my famous black mini skirt, 4inch stiletto and no knickers or bra…i drove to the famous Birdlip Hill in Gloucester looking for a dick to sort me out!

Didnt have to wait long at all!!  My car was recognised immediately and i chose the guy i wanted to enjoy!

I took his lush long plump dick deep in my mouth and sucked him to the brink of orgasm!!  Needing my filthy hungry cumslut whore cunt filled with its daily load of cream, i laid back on his back seat and presented my shaven cunt to him to use and offload in!!

he filled me good and proper!!!  Really used my cunt for mother nature intended it to be used for – a filthy spunk dump!!

Wasn’t until after when we were having a clean up and chat that we realised we knew each other from a website I’m also a member on myself www.ukafterdark.co.uk

what a small world, but im DEFINATLEY going to be using his knob again sometime very soon!!

Rach xx

young hung 23yr old!

There really is nothing naughtier than a bit of daytime dogging!! – gets my juices flowing big time!

Met with this horny member in broad daylight and simply couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth! – A nice young hung 23yr old to pleasure with my hot slutty MILF mouth and pussy

His cock looks divine between my massively fabulous 38EE tits! And his plump young rod fitted perfectly into my hot tight fuck tunnel!! – I do love fucking younger men as their like rampant rabbits and full of thrusting enthusiasm – giving my cunt the good deep reaming it deserves!! But to be honest I will take ANY cock up me!!

Making the most of what is left of this year and hitting the road EVERY single week, I’m going to be in different cities and towns ALL over the UK for the next 6 weeks – your filthy little mobile spunk dump slut and I’m ready and waiting to take YOUR filthy hot load anywhere you want to shoot it!

Please log into my members area to find out where I’m going to be and when, and come empty your balls!

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Rach xx

Road side suck off!

nothing beats being outside on a glorious sunny yet chilly October afternoon sucking off horny hard cocks in the pure daylight as unsuspecting members of the public go about they daily business

on a busy main road, and a pull in off the road I proceeded to satisfy this naughty member but guzzling on his throbbing knob and taking his load right down my throat!

I was begging him to do me over the bonnet as being bent over with my knickers around my ankles in full view of passing public is SUCH a fucking horny turn on – BUT he didn’t have the bottle!!!

ah well, ONE day ill find a member willing and able to fuck me like this!

could this be you?! – is so mail me!!! Rachel@rachelreveals.co.uk

Rach xx

Getting stuffed!

Just got home after another fabulous evening of off the cuff spunky dogging fun!

Met with this very horny big dicked member!, he was like an octopus with his hands all over me tugging at my clothes and gagging to get me bent over and to be honest I couldn’t wait to get his dick inside me!

sucking on his hard fat dick to get him rock hard and ready, I bet over and showed him my huge famous curvaceous backside!

parting my tight pussy lips, he slid his engorged bellend in between my lips and up into my tight wet gash hole and I could feel every inch of his hard dick slide inside me nice and slowly until he was balls deep in my bare cunt!

reaming me nice and slowly feeling every ripple of tight muscles caressing his shaft it sure wasn’t long until he spewed his full wad of love juice right up inside my fertile womb!

absolute heaven!! – driving home with a pussy full of cum and a soggy gusset is just amazing!

Rach xx