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Off the cuff!

Made a shout out on my Twitter last night, gagging to suck some cock!

of course i was inundated with offers but sadly a lot were a long way away and unable to make it, except one guy!  He wasn’t a member but signed up directly and within the hour or so his hard cock was in my mouth!

We met up at Gordano services, he hopped in my car and we pulled around the corner and parked up for some fun!!  He whipped his cock out and i gobbled him down just like the hungry little cock loving slut that i am!!

i always have membership deals running when joining directly with me!
wanna sign up and get your cock in my mouth? then drop me an email today!

Rach xx

Down in the woods!

If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today, you just wont believe your eyes!

For every horny guy that ever there was are gathered there for certain because
Todays the day that Rachel will drain your ball sack!!!

Road side spunking

Absolutely nothing beats stopping on a busy roadside, jumping in the back of a workman’s van, spreading my legs and getting a cunt full of hard cock followed by a hot sticky sweet filthy load of man muck!!

As you know i’m back touring and meeting as many of my members as possible and I couldn’t wait to jump in the back of this filthy fuckers van and get my tight wet snatch reamed and creamed!

log in and find out where im gonna be in November! – something BIG is coming and you wont want to miss out!!

Rach xx

Dogging in the Sunshine is the best!

Absolutely nothing beats a bit of dogging in this absolutely lush hot sunshine!

being tag teamed and fucked outdoors while feeling the cool summer breeze in your face, while getting my cunt stuffed and my mouth pumped at the same time is simply amazing!

these horny members too it in turn to enjoy my lush hot tight pussy until they both nutted their load right into my cervix!

lush as fuck!

wanna come bang me in the sunshine?
all you have to be is a member of my fabulous site and you too could be nuts deep inside my sex in the glorious sunshine!

Rach xx

Dogging at its best!

Just cant beat a bit of late night dogging on a lush summer evening!

feeling the cool breeze across your exposed arse while getting my pussy stuffed full or nice hard cock and being pumped full of a strangers filthy spunk!

come join me for some fun!

Rach xx

Why i LOVE Dogging

Dogging has been and always will be the biggest thrill of my life!, I never tire of it and every single encounter is absolutely different!

Pitch black silent car parks in the middle of the nowhere, waiting and wondering who I may or may not get to be pleasured by – how big will his cock be?, will he make me flood his shaft with my love juice?, will he pump my womb full of his lush thick fertile sperm?

All of a sudden I see head light, my heart rate quickens and my pussy starts to tingle – is this it?, is this a potential fuck?

There is no need for the flashing of interior lights, or brake light – lets face it at midnight in a dark car park you really are only there for one reason…..and that’s to get fucked! Good and hard!

The anticipation is off the scale with excitement!, and gets more intense as this complete stranger approaches the car!

I let him have me….absolutely anyway he wants me! – im his dirty little slut to pleasure himself inside and then walk away!

Want me to be your dirty little slut to pleasure yourself inside?

I meet AS MANY as my members as I possibly can, different cities and towns every single month all over the UK

Get yourself signed up and come and enjoy me in 2018!

Rach xx

Birthday Bonking!

had a visit from a birthday boy! turned 26 and wanted to celebrate his special day by offloading his young virile spunk deep inside me!

started off on the bed, sucking on his cock getting him nice and hard! – he couldn’t wait to get his head down between my legs and lap up my sweet juices from my freshly smoothly shaven pussy!!

with his cock now proper hard and my cunt juice all around his face, he came up the bed pushing my legs behind my head and plunging his rock hard young dick balls deep into my pussy!

we started to film his dick easing in and out of my tight wet throbbing twat and the sight of it seemed to just tip him over the edge! he pulled his dick out of me as a blog of spunk emerged from his jap eye, telling him not to waste it and to empty that bad boy inside me – he stuck it right back up me and creamed my insides!!

perfect birthday treat!! for him and a lush sticky cunt load of young sperm for me!!

Rach xx

Road side fun!

nothing like a filthy spontaneous road side fuck!

met with the member for a bit of off the cuff fun, didn’t really have anywhere to go, so we parked the car over the entrance to a bus stop and went inside for some fun!

sucking on his cock for a brief moment to make sure he was nice and hard, the bent over the bus stop seat ready to get shafted doggy style!

completely unaware of any passing traffic or pedestrians – I was just in the zone enjoying the lush fat cock that was penetrating my pussy giving me a huge wad of spunk!

do love naughty and risky places!!! turns me right on!!

Rach xx

Fucking in your van!

I adore meeting members on the road side and fucking in their vans!!!

while out on tour I’m traveling all over the place and quite a few members are white van drivers which make things very easy regarding meets!! – we simply pull up on the road side and fuck in the van there and then!

its extremely risky, very slutty and very very horny!

ive met many many van men over the years and simply cant get enough!! – there was this one time, we pulled over o a very busy bypass at peak traffic time, luckily had had a van with a sliding side door!

we fucked in his van as busy traffic whizzed by the side of us!, including a few police cars!

my summer tour is still in progress!, and I’m still out meeting horny spunk filled blokes up and down the country and will be until the end of September!!

Do you have a van? Do you fancy filling me with your white stuff on the road side somewhere? – then log into my members area and find out where I’m going to be and when!! and Lets fuck!!!!

My BIG40 membership offer is still running until 30th Sept!! – £40 for a whole years subscription to my slutty site! – this will see you thru the rest of this year and for all the fun to come in Summer 2018!

Mail me for info!! Rachel@rachelreveals.co.uk

Rach xx