Rachel Dogging

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The world of dogging is both exciting and liberating.  You can watch or take part or even keep yourself to yourself but put on a show for those watching you!!  I personally like to do all 3!!!

I love to go out with my husband and put on a show for lucky by standers, also adore sucking off random cocks and bending over and taking a good shafting as my husband watches and enjoys every min!


Dogging is easy to get involved in but takes a fair bit of nerve and coinfidence to succed!

Find yourself a decent and well known dogging location which is local to you – such places if you dont know where to look are listed on all good Dogging sites such as http://www.doggingafterdark.com


The best time to go is between 9pm and 1am, i’ve tried and tested various times and found 10-30 to 11pm to be the best.  If going as a single guy then you could be in for a bit of a wait, the dogging scene is dominated by single solo guys all waiting for the couples and single ladies to come and play, but  when they do the wait is well worth it!!  Normally the couples putting on a show will switch on their interior light inviting guys to watch, if they open the window then this tends to be the signal that they want you to touch, if they open the door fully then this tend to be a signal that they want you to join in.  If the lady in question gets out of the car and bends over the bonnet then i dont think anything more needs to be said!!


Many people go dogging and just sit in their car in the pitch black waiting for everyone else to make a move, my advice for succesful dogging is to get out of your car, turn on your light and make that first move but always respect the female and dont do anything unless invited or there is a clear signal for you to join in, remember no means no!!

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