Rachel Swinging

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Swinging is a superb alternative sexual lifestyle that can add interest and variety to your relationships.

there are many variations on swinging – couples playing with couples, couples looking for single guys, couples looking for single women, the possibilities go on.


I have been swinging now for almost 10 years and persoanlly prefer to entertain single guys along side my husband, we like to have a good cuckold scenario or a damn good spitroast.


Getting into swinging is very easy and once within the right circles you will find many others with the same interests sexually as yourself and your be amazed at just how many people do actually swing!


Find yourself a decent swingers website such as http://www.adswingers.co.uk – register a profile and add a picture, a picture is very important and couples looking for potential play mates are more than likely to look at those more with pictures, i know i do!!!


Get involved on the site, mail people, post on the forums and get yourself known as a genuine member and not a time waster, this way your much more likely to have fun and lots of meets.

Make contact and make friends, then just go with the flow and let the relationship develop!  Remember, couples dont like pushy forward arrogant guys so be respectful, there is much more to swinging then just sex, its a lifestyle and a way of making good great friends.

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28 thoughts on “Rachel Swinging

  1. Steve

    hi rachel
    love your pics you one horny bitch
    i’m currently serving in afgan with the army and would love some pics to keep me going for the next 6 months feel free to email me x

  2. Dave

    wow! youre fucking stunning and at a level way beyond horny. you get my balls tensing and my juices flowing every time i find your pics…if youre ever round coventry id love to stuff you full of my cock.
    feel free to email me anytime xx

  3. PEN

    Hey there Rachael looking for somewhere new CUM OVER US ALL FOR TT fortnight first two weeks in June
    two weeks of fun fun fun
    lots of hairy bikers or others to choose from
    it’s the isle of man’s busiest time of the year
    bring sum daily sport strippers with you an you can make a small fortune
    love your website hope to meet you soon

  4. scotto mackay

    hey there gorgeous. I think tht ur one smokin hot lady tht i’d like to try dogging with. If ur up for it just drop me a line and say hi.

  5. david

    hi a mate toll me bout your site u look gr8 and sound ever betteri wud lover 2 try dogging is there any in shropshire and do u cum this far as i wud love 2 meet u sexy

  6. Rachel Post author

    im always in Devon – just been down there for the whole of last week!
    best thing to do is look in the dates and events section of my members area to see where im gonna be and when!
    Rach x

  7. Dan

    Hey rachel im 19 and you look really sexy in all your pics id love to blow my load all over your pretty face. Are you around kent at any point? X

  8. Jak

    Hi rachel your pictures are pretty hot can you please email me some more so then i can decide to meet you and fill you with my warm load if you’re in kent. Xxx

  9. Rachel Post author

    I travel all over the country meeting my members and touring – just a case of logging in and finding out where im going to be each week and month! xx

  10. craig

    i am off white van man,,,hope to find you up at halden one tues niiight, would love to have you suck me off, regards to your kind partner for sharing you with all us horny basterds….i love the way you look with cock in your mouth,,xxxx

  11. Jivan

    Hey Rachel, you are simply delicious! I’ve heard you’ve the best mouth in the South West. I’m pretty local, and would love to find out if that’s indeed true!
    Jivan x
    (0797 408 5116)

  12. P Richards

    Hi Rachel, wow you stunning little beauty. I would love to get my hands on those purt tits of yours as my cock slides into you wet pussy. I live in Gloucestershire so if you ever fancy some fun email me.

  13. Jim Harris

    hey there, i’m an 18 year old guy with a hard dick. if you stop around cardiff i’d love to fill your pussy with my hot gooey cum

  14. kev

    rachel your website is amazing, anywhere in gloucester soon? im ready and able right now! x

  15. archie

    hi ya i have followed u for some time now i hope u can make me a whole man again rachel u are so gorgeous and admire your sexuality u show men what a woman can be and u can make them do what ever u want when u want id love to see and touch u and put my rock hard cock into u to u can go on about super models no 1 can make model of u cos u are 1 hot gorgeouus cum lovin woman babe xxx

  16. graham

    hi sexy rachel as im not yet a member would you meet me in a hotel i would give you money for your travels and other fees xxxxxxxxxxx

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