Rachel Swinging

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Swinging is a superb alternative sexual lifestyle that can add interest and variety to your relationships.

there are many variations on swinging – couples playing with couples, couples looking for single guys, couples looking for single women, the possibilities go on.


I have been swinging now for almost 10 years and persoanlly prefer to entertain single guys along side my husband, we like to have a good cuckold scenario or a damn good spitroast.


Getting into swinging is very easy and once within the right circles you will find many others with the same interests sexually as yourself and your be amazed at just how many people do actually swing!


Find yourself a decent swingers website such as https://www.afterdark-group.co.uk – register a profile and add a picture, a picture is very important and couples looking for potential play mates are more than likely to look at those more with pictures, i know i do!!!


Get involved on the site, mail people, post on the forums and get yourself known as a genuine member and not a time waster, this way your much more likely to have fun and lots of meets.

Make contact and make friends, then just go with the flow and let the relationship develop!  Remember, couples dont like pushy forward arrogant guys so be respectful, there is much more to swinging then just sex, its a lifestyle and a way of making good great friends.

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