Hot golden shower!

There is nothing like being knelt in front of a rock hard cock that is busrting to both piss and spunk off in the cool night air!

kneeling there, poised and ready…waiting for the hot jets of steamy piss to fire from his jap eye right into my open waiting mouth, all over my hair and face and totally spraying my rock hard nipples and pert breasts!

Then being bent over while dripping head to foot in sweet wet piss and shafted doggy style and getting my tight cumslut cunt used and spunked up!!

Its Awesome!!

Rach xx

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33 Responses to Hot golden shower!

  1. hornygent38 says:

    Rachel, you are a gorgeous slut, and you love piss games too! Would love to drench you with piss and spunk, stretchnig your gorgeous holes. Keep the wonderful work up, and all us married men can dream that we are yours!

  2. Paul says:

    Oh how I’d love to be stood in front of you with your big red lips wrapped around my cock and you sucking all my spunk out of me and swallowing the lot. I hope you had a great holiday and have come back refreshed and raring to go. Can’t wait to see when you’re meeting up around Glos/Wilts/Oxford again so I can get to live out my fantasy!!

  3. John n says:

    Unbelievably awesome rach! Never knew you were into w/s-could you be any more perfect? Any more extra kinky stuff we should know about? Lol x

  4. Ivor Biggun says:

    Rachel, you fucking dirty filthy slut! I want to shaft you so fucking hard, it hurts! I’m wanking like a wildlife park chimp over these pictures of you. Please post more! And thanks!!

  5. Sean says:

    Hi Rachel, like the update, cant wait for you to get back off your holiday so that I can empty my now full load into your greedy mouth! Come back to work hungry!!!!

  6. Chris says:

    I want to fuck you today email me asap

  7. Mark says:

    What an amazing woman you are Rachel. Have you got any plans to cum down to Kent. I would do anything to spend some time with you and would love to fuck your filthy cum slut married cunt. Do you do anal Rachel? Would love to see pics of spunk oozing out of your arse. Keep up the fantastic work.

  8. Rachel says:

    hey 🙂
    Kent is on my next tour list, which can be found in the dates and events section of my site, Yep i do anal but all the anal gallery pics are inside the members area and not on the free pages

    Rach x

  9. Mark says:

    Cool. Ill get a group of guys together and we can give you a good hard spitroasting welcome to kent. What area of kent will you be cumming to with your filthy dirty married cumslut cunt? X

  10. luke says:

    rach are u gonna be near hull,scarborough or bridlington at any point? would love to hammer ur filthy cum slut pussy x x

  11. STUART says:


  12. craig says:

    Wow you do anal as well!!! Rachel you are the perfect woman..I would love to take you doggy..swapping holes until I unload my hot spunk into you.

  13. Hodgy8403 says:

    I drove to Rachels today…and for those that doubt she’s real…she is. I got to fuck her over her sofa when her husband walked in on us. I almost lost my nerve but managed to fill her hot wet pussy. Well worth the drive and would love to meet again for a little bit longer!!


  14. Stuart says:

    I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this amazing lady last night, and she really is fantastic!! I’m all ready for round three!!!

  15. will says:

    great pics sweet you ever around burnham on sea or weston super mare? also are you on face book and whats up with the news leter i joined?

  16. Rachel says:

    im always up and down the M5, just need to join up and get on the meet list for when im next passing!
    nothing is up with my newsletter!!

  17. Stevo says:

    I want to fuck you, make you cum multiple times, then I’d make you to suck my cock, and then I’d spunk right into your mouth. And you’d fucking love it. You up for up? I am!!! Bloody hell, you totally ROCK Rachel!!! These pics are the best yet!

  18. ashc says:

    hey rachel. i’m from bristol and i’m new to this. but would LOVE to meet up with you sometime soon. I’ve got something special for you. you would love it for hours. plenty of load. love to hear from you. xXx

  19. Barry White says:

    Hi Rachel
    I have been wanting to fuck you for some time now. I have rang you, but have never got a reply.If you are ever in the Cirencester area, email me My dick will always be rampant.

  20. Rachel says:

    hi hun,
    i try and answer as many calls as possible but its sadly impossible to answer every single one 🙁
    Rach xx

  21. Johnny says:

    OK, so I stumbled across Rachels site and thinking about joining but I want to know – is she the real deal or is this just another bullshit site. I’d love to think that women like Rachel do exist just to fuck for the sheer enjoyment of it, but I don’t want to join the site only to find out its a con. If anyone, or even better Rachel herself, can verify that she is the real deal then I’m in. You can contact me on


  22. Rachel says:


    do yourself a favour and look through all the blog entries and read the comments attached – many of my members have posted and made reference to meeting me and how much fun they have had!!! i AM indeed real and VERY genuine!
    Also im pretty sure my pictures speak for themself!! if my site was just another “bullshit site” as you put it, would i really have as much content and genuine pics with myself in everyone if i wasnt genuine?!

    Rach xx

  23. Father Ted says:

    Call her then you will see how REAL Rachel is!!

    07053 502222

  24. Rachel says:

    Thanks Father Ted 😀

    Rach xx

  25. martin says:

    God Rach, you are one sexy lady!!! Just seen your golden shower pics…..Wow, I would love you to pee over me 😉 Martin xxxx

  26. andy rowley says:

    you are the most sexy fuckable honey ever x

  27. Dave Northampton says:

    Fucking hell, that’s fantastic! You really are the ultimate dirty slut. I would love to piss all over you and so love to lick your sexy clit while you pissed in my face too If your hubby would allow it). What a lucky sod he is having such sex Goddess to please him.

  28. Bru says:

    I need a wank so badly my balls are now hurting, Raechel it wouldn’t be any good me meeting you cos I know I’d fall in love with you ! I’m gonna have to wake my wife up now !

  29. george says:

    hi there just came across this site noticed its quite old are u still meeting

  30. george says:

    came across this site was wondering if u still do meets hope so

  31. Andrew says:

    I love piss fun. Feeling a woman piss on my cock is so dirty. The horniest thing I have done, is pissed up a womans count while fucking her. I hope Rachel I can fill your slutty count up with my spunk and piss.

    Andrew 39 London

  32. Karl says:

    Rachel you turn me on so much I dream about girls like you,you are the perfect women,but do you we in mens faces and mouths,please say yes?

  33. dragonsam69 says:

    Hi Rachel xx fancy giving me the golden shower? 🙂

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