Bent over the bonnet

Nothing quite like being bent over the warm bonnet on a cool dark dogging evening…

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Dogging this weekend

Regular local members will know exactly where to find me, if not drop me a message kk 😉

Dogging Locations – Dogging in the UK

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Real Dogging

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Member Meet

Had a  guy join my site last night, he called me on my personal phone number which he got from inside the members area….he was having a few problems accessing a certain video, we chatting on the phone and once i sorted out his problem the convo turned to sex!  I realised he was only 20mins from where i was and suggested popping round and sucking him off!!! He couldnt believe his ears!
No sooner had we ended the chat, i was knocking on his door! Wasnt long before i was on my knees, teasing his hard fat plump dick between my super soft and very talented lips!

Sucking hungrily like a spunk starved slut, i gobbled his full length deep into the depths of my throat…nestling my nose in his public hair! This all proved a bit to much for my new member and as i deep throated his beast for the 7th time, he held my head firmly down, keeping his bellend buried deep into the back of my throat and fired of jet after jets of hot thick cock cream straight down my throat!!!

wow!!! i bloody adore giving head and the power of bringing a dick to orgasm with my mouth is the most amazing power buzz ever!!! Next time, im def fucking that dick!!

Rach xx

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Competition winning number!!

OK so drum roll please……………

The lucky number pulled out of the hat for the winner of my competition IS………..
NUMBER 71!!!!

I obviously can’t disclosure the owner of that number for privacy purposes but I shall be contacting the winner directly!
Here’s to a night of fun and good sex!!!

Thank you to ALL that entered!
Rachel xx

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SO many dogging places, so little time….

Continuing my dogging mission since 2006 touring the UK dogging locations

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Dogging in the sunshine

It’s a beautiful day for it guys and some of you already know my location, see you soon!!

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Check out the forums for tonights dogging meets

Dogging, a sexual activity in public or watching others engage in sexual activity in public is not banned or illegal under a specific law in the UK, but people who get caught can be charged under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 with public lewdness and indecent exposure.

The Police said earlier this year that they deal ‘robustly’ with reports of dogging and treat them as ‘a serious matter’.

Dogging became popular in 2002 when couples were able to arrange meetings conveniently on the internet using various websites such as dogging after dark, which has been on the internet since 1999 making it the longest standing website and quite possibly the largest website.

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Tour Dates and Member Meets!

I have just updated my Member diary so log into the members area and check out my dates and locations so that you know where to find me out dogging in a secluded location near you! August is going to be a busy month and I am planning to visit a lot of the UK and also pretty much all of the well-known dogging locations! And then in September I am planning a mini European dogging tour, again details will be posted inside my member’s area, no location will be made public as they are for members only.

Why not check out the all the locations I will be visiting and then come and slide inside me sometime soon!

Look out for the live google maps posted for late night dogging later this week!! with @RachelReveals and #realdogging #livedogging #dogging

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Its not all about dogging

I do love my member meet days and even more so when its come fuck me at home day, blindfolded and waiting for cock

#member meets #fuckmeathome #needcock #spunkme

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