Autumn Dogging

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One of my favourite times of the year for dogging, you can find me out almost every week with the darker evenings.

It may be cold outside, but it is oh so warm inside 😉

Check out the new photos and videos in my members area.


Dogging this weekend

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My Dogging Tour kicks off on Thursday Night!
weekend is set to be a scorcher so going to be perfect for some alfresco fun in the sun!!
Meeting my member from 11am till Midnight Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Full details and locations can be found in my members area, my direct mobile number will be available on my website from Thursday, So text me for a meet and come and unload in my mouth or pussy!

July Dogging Meets 11am till Midnight email or text for a meet

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Come and meet me out dogging during the daytime or evening, you know you want to!!

3 whole days of meets from 11am till Midnight every single day

Drop me an email with your details or just drop me a text on the day, all the locations and my travelling route together with my mobile number to text is displayed in the members area of my website.

July Dogging Meets 11am till Midnight email or text for a meet – My mobile number is in the members area of my website.

I can visit your Home, Workplace, Outside location, Country Park, Woods, any place you would like to meet during the day or evening – 11am till Midnight.

Regular Website Updates and 4K Videos

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Check out this weeks updates in my members area and the start of the 4K Videos!!!

Tons more weekly updates on the way!

My Northern UK Tour is starting in the next couple of days!! Maybe i will see you on the road for some hot and horny fun! Message me for details and special join deals.

You can join my website by card, bank transfer or paypal.

Rachel xx

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A perfect stranger

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Well is seems that my fantasy fulfilment a few weeks ago has sparked something horny inside me!

Today I arranged for a perfect stranger to let himself into my house, come upstairs into my bedroom and slip his length into my wet dripping pussy.

Waiting on all fours on my bed, wondering how this guy is going to feel as he enters me for the first time was mind blowing.  I wasn’t disappointed I can tell you!

I felt these 2 hands caress my ass before parting my cheeks and making way for his cock to slide straight into my pussy.  As he entered me I could feel that he was extremely well endowed, I felt him slide in and just as I thought he was all in he slide more in!! I was gobsmacked at his length!

He slid his full length in and out of my dripping wet pussy nice and slowly so that I could feel every inch and every throbbing vein on his cock.

It really wasn’t long until he couldn’t hold back any longer, he picked up the pace and shafted my tight wet pussy with his mass and girth until he off loaded his full to bursting balls deep inside me.

Why are guys such hard work to deal with

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Why are guy’s such hard work when it comes to arranging a meet. Let’s think about this for a few seconds, I am on tour driving around the UK and quite obviously I do not know the area and I do not know any locations to arrange a meet, I am driving into a new area with nothing planned or arranged looking for potential dogging member meets.

So, I contact members who have requested to meet me, and I get replies like this…

“Love to meet babe, what’s the location?”

“Love to meet anyplace you are getting gangbanged”

“Yes, sure let’s meet in Coventry”

Can guys not grasp the fact that I am on tour driving through places I don’t know, and I need an exact location from them! It’s not up to me to come up with a suitable location. Plus, if they live local then they must know the area and know of somewhere suitable to meet.

It is no good at all just saying let’s meet in this city and giving me a city name! I need an exact location and postcode, even if it is your home or workplace.

Why is it such hard work!

And don’t even get me started on the number of guys that keep messaging saying, “do you ever visit here” FFS!!! I visit the WHOLE of the UK every single year, how many times do I have to repeat this.