A perfect stranger

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Well is seems that my fantasy fulfilment a few weeks ago has sparked something horny inside me!

Today I arranged for a perfect stranger to let himself into my house, come upstairs into my bedroom and slip his length into my wet dripping pussy.

Waiting on all fours on my bed, wondering how this guy is going to feel as he enters me for the first time was mind blowing.  I wasn’t disappointed I can tell you!

I felt these 2 hands caress my ass before parting my cheeks and making way for his cock to slide straight into my pussy.  As he entered me I could feel that he was extremely well endowed, I felt him slide in and just as I thought he was all in he slide more in!! I was gobsmacked at his length!

He slid his full length in and out of my dripping wet pussy nice and slowly so that I could feel every inch and every throbbing vein on his cock.

It really wasn’t long until he couldn’t hold back any longer, he picked up the pace and shafted my tight wet pussy with his mass and girth until he off loaded his full to bursting balls deep inside me.