sublime Dogging delight!

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well, last night has to be one of the best dogging nights in a while! – I left the car park with a throbbing well fucked wet pussy!!

met with a couple of very horny members, dressed I my trade mark slut gear – stockings, 8 strap suspenders, and killer heels! – as I stepped out the car with my skirt hitched right up flashing off my panties, I could feel every eye on me!

I wasn’t alone for long, I was soon surrounded by hard horny cocks all gaging to be drained and pleasured by the UK dogging queen!

hands up my skirt, inside my knickers – hands down my top fondling my tits, cock in my mouth and a cock in each hand – I was an extremely happy slut!

being finger fucked into a horny frenzy I was dying to be fucked, so I simply stood up, bent over and slowly pulled down my panties to reveal my fabulous big round arse and hot tight dripping wet cunt! “fuck me, all of you!, I want you to fuck and spunk me”

taking it in turns they all eased their throbbing shafts into my dripping wet hole, screwed my liquid lush fuck hole and emptied their filth right up inside me! – after the last guy had spunked, he withdrew his cock and pulled up my panties then put his hand between my legs and pushed the gusset of my knickers up onto my cunt so that all the spunk and pussy juice would soak into them! – they were very wet indeed!!!!

These panties are now for sale!!! – so ANYONE wishing to buy these panties please email me with a bid – the highest bidder will receive them!! – you have until midnight on Thursday 19th May to place your bid!!

Rach xx