Speed boat sex!!!

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Just spent a fabulous day with one of my new members out on the open sea in his speed boat for the afternoon!

Fucking on a boat in the middle of the sea butt naked in the hot sunshine has been on my bucket list for a while and now ive managed to scratch that off the list!

Taking me out on his boat, allowing me to steer and drive at high speed sure got my juices flowing and my pussy tingling with excitement!

I waiting for him to take the helm, and without a word I pull down his shorts to reveal his limp cock all ready for me to take into my mouth and make it come alive with my fabulous wet mouth!

Mmmmm sucking on his cock while feeling the heat of the sun was so exciting!, he peeled off my clothes – led me down naked and proceeded to fuck the arse off of me!, fucking me while the boat rocked in the waves just added more movement to our thrusts!

Moving below deck into one of the double beds he continued to screw me senseless over and over!

Really was a fantastic mind blowing afternoon of fun and fucking!

Rach xx


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3 Responses to Speed boat sex!!!

  1. Charles says:

    Hi Rachel, For ages I have been trying to find out who you are (nothing sinister I promise). It started when I saw the video of you in a hotel having sex with a man your husband sent up to fuck you. Lets say I have watched the video on many occasions and think it is the best video I have ever seen.

    Big hugs,


  2. Rachel says:

    Well now you’ve found me! 🙂 xx

  3. Luke20 says:

    Watching you I find I can just cum over… and over.. and over again.

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