Hot sticky cunt load!!

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Nothing better than a raw filthy knee trembling fuck in the open cool autumn air!
Met this member of my site at a discreet location for some spunky fun!

 I was really eager to feel his hot hard cock parting my cunt lips and sliding his length deep into my wet tight hot cunt, wasted no time in bending over and presenting him with my beautiful round ass and willing wet cunt for him to use for his total spunk dump pleasure!

His fat dick felt fucking lush sliding in and out of my dogging cumslut cunt as the cold breeze blew all over my face and bare ass!!!

Fucking me nice long slow to begin with, enjoying the immense pleasure of my cunt wrapped around his shaft, engulfing it in pure liquid velvet heaven until he couldn’t take anymore and felt the urge to just let his load go right up inside my bare hot cunt!

Feeling his shaft swell, stretching my cunt hole and he pumped off ream after ream of hot thick sticky fuck seed was amazing!!  As he slowly slid his spend cock out of my well creamed cunt a stream of spunk trickled out of my throbbing fuck hole and down the inside of my thighs!!!

God damn what a filthy horny fuck slut I am!!!! And I LOVE IT!!!

Why dont you give me a call?! It could be your cock im miling dry with my hot cunt next!
07053 502222

Rach xx

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7 Responses to Hot sticky cunt load!!

  1. Tim says:

    Wow Rach…what a way to spend a crisp Autumn day than fucking your lovely juicy cunt xx
    wish it was me

  2. london man says:

    😀 Nice Big Juicy ASSSssssssssssssssssss !!!!

  3. Stu says:

    I wish I lived near you, I’d love to fuck your cum hungry cunt sometime,I’d like to go dogging with you and fill your pussy up with my hot spunk,now that would be amazing 🙂

  4. Andrew says:

    I am new to this dogging, in fact not not had the bottle to get out the car yet, but would love for you to give me an education xxxxx

  5. Terry says:

    Fuck me Rach, your as hot as ever.Just what you need to warm up on a cold day, a hot sticky cunt. Keep your adventures and me cumming. Terry x

  6. stew says:

    would love to cum inside you rach

  7. phil says:

    contact mewould love to make u cum!!

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