Gloucestershire Dogging


Was such a lovely hot sunny day I decided to take one of my members up on his invitation to meet outside in Gloucestershire countryside, So dressed for the occasion in my short skirt stockings and no knickers, off I went heading for Junction 14 on the M5 and some fresh new cock!!!

I text my camera man and told him to meet me by the M5 as I was going to meet up with a new member and get my cunt stuffed full of fresh new members cock!

We met up quite close to the motorway and then walked down this very narrow path through the woods until we reached a small clearing with style and a huge lush green field right next to the motorway!!, Was a real huge buzz watching the faces of all the lorry drivers driving past as I was getting shafted doggy over the style and getting my slutty wet gash pumped full of hot cream!!

This member was a real filthy bastard!! and banged my cunt real good in the open air in full view of the motorway, I think he liked the audience, God I do love meeting members and getting as much cock as I possibly can!!!!

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24 Responses to Gloucestershire Dogging

  1. Tim Hughes says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I’v seen your Ad on Gumtree, and intrested in what your doing on the 21st and 22nd August. Please tell me more. I have a fully equiped ‘playroom’ if you are intrested in using the facilities,or photographing or videoing there please let me know, I have pictures of the room that I can E-Mail to you if you ar intrested. Hope to hhear from you soon.


  2. ok says:

    good site xolcwe

  3. Dave from swinging Heaven says:

    Hi Rachel, was wondering if your free one morning this week. Maybe get your hubby to tie your up on the bed face down, and leave the door unlocked so that I can cum round and fill up your very sexy holes full of my hot sticky spunk

  4. Imuran says:

    a good theme, and you can read more

  5. OwepOutlile says:

    My name is Jessika!

  6. Ulmanas says:

    The people in such cases, said so – Avos will be alive, maybe pomrem.

  7. johnny says:

    eH9DqU Thanks for good post

  8. Rachel says:

    Johnny – have you been drinking?! lol

  9. rob says:

    hi i am really sorry for messing you around wednesday night i hope to pluck up
    courage for a visit some time
    regards rob

  10. Rachel says:

    Thanks not a problem hun, nerves get the better of people sometimes!
    At least you told me you couldnt make it, most dont do that and stand me up 🙁

    Hope to catch you sometime soon!
    Rach xx

  11. Rob says:

    Hi rachel
    when r u out and about this week
    dogging would love to meet up xxx

  12. Stuart says:

    Hi rachel
    when r u out and about this week
    dogging would love to meet up xxx
    Id really like to see you hun…

  13. rob says:

    hi rachel wots the best number to call you on to arrange a meeting

  14. Rachel says:

    The number non members can contact me on is 07053 502222
    but ALL members are able to call me on my personal phone number which can be found inside my members area!

    Rach x

  15. rob says:

    hi rachel
    i called you this morning looking for my first experience iwas sad to find that i had to join your web site i tried before but lost my nerve remember? hot that we might meet soon rob

  16. rob says:

    Goodmorning rachel i hope you had a good weekend would still like to meet sometime is there any chance i await your reply regards rob

  17. adrian pritchard says:

    Hi Rachel, Just happened to catch your site by accident. I must say its one of the best accidents i ever fell upon. Its absolutely great. If ever you fancy a meet up. I would be more than happy to give you a good seeing to.You look stunning. All the best Adrian

  18. hank says:

    a reg to birdlip as i live just by the pub, and it looks like you got some new compitition

  19. Rachel says:

    is that right?! lol

  20. gary mcauley says:

    hi, would love to meet up i am 34 white and married, how do i go about meeting you on either mondays, wednesdays or fridays in monchester during the day. really hope it is possible. please email me you are one very hot chick.


  21. steve says:

    hi would love to meet u in cheshire anytime

  22. Alan says:

    Hi Rachel, i have just been reading your blog and would love to join in the fun. I also live in Gloucs. Speak soon! Al. X.

  23. allan says:

    Hi Rachel

    I was wondering if you ever get to the Chepstow area ?
    I’m a single Daddy don’t get any action these days
    I’d love to meet up sometime
    I’m genuine not a nutter 😉
    r.s.v.p .
    If not good luck on your travels
    cheers AB x

  24. says:

    When r u in cheltenham

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