Dogging Interview on BBC WM with Adrian Goldberg

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Listen to my dogging interview today 10th Dec on BBC west Midlands regarding Cannock Chase!

Rachel x

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10 Responses to Dogging Interview on BBC WM with Adrian Goldberg

  1. stuart says:

    well done you came across very well and proved your points well xx

  2. mark says:

    Hi rachel

    Im thinking of trying dogging and im worried about it being safe, ie std’s etc. Can you offer some advice.

  3. Rachel says:

    Thank you very much! x

  4. Dom says:

    fab interview you came across very well,by the way when the dj asked the public at the end should the policeman who caught you have done more…….I can think of a few things I bet he was thinking in his head that he wished he could have done 🙂

  5. Smarty says:

    You have a gorgeous posh voice Rachel 🙂

  6. Ash says:

    Amazing interview Rachel.

    You are fast becoming the British internet age ‘Mary Millington’.
    She would be peoud of your defence of the sexual freedoms and rights of us all, I’m sure her suspender belt would be twanging in approval!

    The interview was highly well handled, you made the case for us all succinctly and intelligently.

    I also thought the interviewer was less judgemantal than many..fair play to him.

    What a star you are!

  7. mr randy says:

    Where can I listen to the interview again??
    Any links?

  8. Rachel says:

    click the “play” triangle on the above blog post! – its embedded into my blog post!

  9. mr randy says:

    Thankyou… was browsing on my phone and the player wasnt on.
    Great interview…. mmmm… very very filthy posh sounding voice. Xxxx

  10. mr dirty says:

    Good interview Rachel, you can just hear the faux shock in Goldberg’s voice. Time the mainstream media started to reflect all aspects of life and not just the interests of the moral majority.

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