Dogging in Bristol

Had the urge to go for some dogging very close to Bristol overlooking the severn bridge, and oh boy what a superb evening I had with 5 very willing doggers and a picnic table!!!!

The had me every which way on that picnic table and shafted me good and proper at both ends filling me with hot creamy spunk

There is something that is just so slutty and so horny about meeting 5 total strangers in the woods, laying out on a picnic table and then just telling then to help themselves and do anything they fancy!!, and oh my god did they use me well as they stuffed their hard cocks in my slutty wet cunt and my hot wet mouth, they fucked me good and proper and spunked me right up as mu husband took pictures and watched them use his pretty blonde wife in full dogging style!!

I intend to do a lot more dogging over the next few months now the weather is warming up, so come on guys join me now and contact me for some dogging fun!!, I will be out dogging almost every week now till end of September so find out where I will be in my members area or on the After Dark Forums

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20 Responses to Dogging in Bristol

  1. ssmacg says:

    Hi. I am new to the scene and dont know where to go what to do! I am in Bristol working and looking for some fun.

  2. James Prowting says:


    Great story!

    Would you like to join me for wine and/or anal?


  3. Jack, 22 slim tonned says:

    Hi rachel names jack 22 with something to fill you. when you next in bristol. i want to join but id love to get a taste of you first. let me no i promis i wont disapoint you.

  4. James Prowting says:


    Sorry about previous posts, I hope now that we will build a rapport. I have got something big and solid to fill you with…

    ..The highest ranking American killed in World War II was Lt. Gen. Lesley McNair, killed by the US Army Air Corps. (How ironic!)

    Now we have got that out of the way can I have your number, I would like to send you a picture of my penis. It has been dubbed a ‘liver disturber’ … I would like to slide it in your prick purse and make your bitch butter run.


  5. James Prowting says:


    How are you, you sexy thing?

    Are you interested in Soviet Youth culture, and the abandonment of traditional organisations?

    The KPM were not alone in rebellion against the conditions of the post war period. Zubkova dubbed this the birth of an Anti-Stalinist Youth Movement. The emergence of groups such as the Union for Struggle for the Revolutionary Cause, Army of the Revolution, Union Fighting for Freedom and the ominously named Death to Beriya is impressive evidence that youth did dissent from the official party line.

    Nonetheless, they do represent one of the few cases of organised resistance in Stalinist Russia. Furthermore the group leaders were aware of the political implications of their groups. And in direct contrast to earlier social groups, they knew nothing of the world pre-Stalin. This means they can be seen as clear examples of resistance, dissent and opposition.

    This is bloody interesting stuff – like your chaz is interesting to me when filled with lovely strangers cocks!

  6. James says:

    Hey there!

    You’re so fucking hot and filthy – I love that!

    30 yr old, blonde haired blue eyes lad – horny as hell, in Bristol. When you next around?

  7. Jim says:

    Hello Rachel, can you help me?

    I am gagging to have a try at dogging but can’t seem to find any sites close to me in Bristol and I don’t drive so can’t get to the few that I have heard about, please reply as mt balls are gettin to dam full haha

  8. W Jones says:

    Would love to join in, as a single male would I be welcome ?

    If so how do I go about joining in ?

  9. nigel says:

    new to dogging what about tog hill

  10. samuel says:

    New to the scene. Would like to try this whilst working in Bristol. Where to people go during the week for fun?

  11. wayne says:

    hi rachel,i never tried dogging befor but would love to have you help,please get touch.xx

  12. brendon says:

    hi, would love too meet up, lve in bristol, so plz give me a email if ur intrested

  13. dan says:

    hi rach new to the scene and live in bristol can you tell me where some place where people meet for this? x

  14. John says:


    I am new to the whole dogging thing and would be interested in learning more do you still do it and would you be willing to help me out?


  15. ben and michelle says:

    Hi Rachel me and my bi wife are going to be up aust dogging this weekend 4,8 2012 my wife is a dirty slut who loves vicky and wet pussy, we are Hopeing some couples,or men who want to fuck my wife and women who she can luck there wet pussy, we will be being toys with us and hope to have a very dirty party, ny wife loves big tits and any cock will do, she wants to be fucked by as many men as possble, hope to see all u men and women there xxx

  16. marycolin says:

    Ben and Michelle, this one’s for you…. We were in Aust on Saturday night, back and forth over about 4 hours…. WHERE WERE YOU??? 🙁
    No sign of anyone so did we miss a good dirty party or did you just not show?

  17. nigel says:

    hi Rechel will be at severn beach tonight would love to see you thier if your about

  18. mike w says:

    hi im new to the dogging scene and i live in bristol. I would love to meet up, i own a van and have just fitted a bed, im looking for someone to help me try it out first xxx

  19. woof says:

    so…..ive heard a few people asking where dogging happens in bristol [the severn is a bit far]. will anyone share the knowledge


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