Another VERY happy member!!

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Met with a new member of RachelReveals and current member of AfterDark on Bank Holiday Monday…..i think you can see from his recent post on AfterDark how much of an impression i made on him!!!

Wow – everything you read about Rach is true and more… The girl is a true legend.

Bank holiday Monday was cold, wet and gloomy – so I was looking for some fun.
I took a chance and sent Rach an email to see if she fancied some fun.
After a few email exchanges she admitted that she was home alone, so I tried my luck and made a few suggestions to cheer her up….

To cut a long story short I was soon around at her apartment making sure she wasn’t lonely….
The girl is more attractive (and dirty) in the flesh than she looks on this website. She has the most fantastic breasts, legs and arse that you could imagine but her smile is even more captivating.

She was dressed all in black, with high killer heels and black smooth stockings with a suspender belt which perfectly framed her peachy arse.

After being led into her front room, I bent her over her desk, lifted her skirt and fucked the arse off her – wow she has a tight pussy. In no time at all I was shooting my load…

She certainly is some girl….

If you don’t believe me join her site and do what I did – proove her claims.
You won’t regret you did.

I will tell more about this story in the members area later – as there was an added kink to the evening…

You can see the full post here –

Again this just reiterates that i AM real and i AM genuine!!!!
To join me for some fun just like Mark did – you simply just need to be a member of my site and call me!!!

Rach xx

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9 Responses to Another VERY happy member!!

  1. joey deacon says:

    how come all the guys in your videos are of a certain age and white, are there no asian or black men to sort you out. all seems staged as some of the blokes body shapes look similar in each videos, are you just going round the toilets in your area with the same trusted group rather than allowing members to do your cunt?

  2. Rachel says:

    Excuse me, but there is NOTHING what so ever staged about my website!!!!!
    The fact that there is no asian or black guys isnt my fault, its cus non visit the toilet block – simple!!

    As for blokes all looking similar – yep a fair few blokes to look similar, doesnt mean their the same person tho!!

  3. Jason says:

    Been lookin at your site I love it any chance meetin up and not for coffee trust me !!! Love 2 fuck you and give u want you want and lots of it . I love dirty sex and the toilets it’s a must . I live in reading

  4. carmark says:

    she is so lovely, im glad i joined her superb site!

  5. carmark says:

    join if u want to get to see her mate she’s fantastic!

  6. carmark says:

    wow what a lady!

  7. joey deacon says:

    so you admit they look similar, maybe because you are using the same group of guys, its just a scam to get people to join the site! i am a member and never got a reply from you!

  8. Rachel says:

    my website is NOT a con and nor do i play with the same group of guys – SOME of the guys may feature a few times in my pics but that purely because they are regularly subscribed members to my site and know where im going to be and when and they simply make the effort and come along – nothing stopping you doing the same, maybe you should get in your car and make the effort like they do!!

  9. Dougie says:

    I would imagine Joey Deacon is another one of those wankers who decides its all a scam because you wont drive to his front door and fuck him!
    They simply dont come anymore real than you Rachel, having now met you 3 times out Dogging, your simply the ultimate dogging queen!!

    Just ignore pricks like Joey who cant even be fucking bothered to make the effort and travel to where you say your gonna be, you dont have to be a genius to watch your videos and pics and see how bloody real you are!!

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