Public Noshing!

Met with yet another horny new member today who join via cash!

We meet in a public location and he followed me to a naughty little spot I know about and wasted no time in whipping his meat out so I could have a good old munch on his tool!

There were dog walkers and work vans all around us but that didn’t stop me giving him a good deep noshing!

All the excitement and the thrill of being seen sure got to this guy and he shot a huge ream of thick lush spunk into my throat!

I sure do love being a dirty little slut!!!! – noshing off blokes in public!, it’s the best!

Rach xx

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Van Bang!

Out again this evening draining yet another new member nuts of man muck!

This horny little bugger had a white transit van with a side opening door!, I climbed into the back of his seedy dirty van and whipped off my clothes!

Sucking hungrily on his rock hard cock, making him nice and hard ready to enter my hot wet snatch!
Getting between my legs, my legs spread so slutty wide with all of me on show!, he spent some time rubbing his bulging bellend up and down my slippery slit before slowly easing his length inside of me!

Thrusting in and out of my tight cunt, feeling my womb walls squeeze his shaft sure go him ready to blow!!!!, flipping me over onto my knees he buried his man meat even deeper inside of me, fucked me hard and fast until his jap eye spat out his hot filthy man muck right inside of me!!!

Im STILL out meeting guys every night this week!, some still doubt im real and that my website is fake and I don’t meet members – but I do exactly what it says on the tin!

Easter special double up offers still available via PayPal or direct bank transfer! – mail me!

Rach xx

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Easter Sunday Spunking!

Off out dogging again tonight!, that’s 3 nights in a row AND im off out again bank holiday Monday evening!

Ventured down to the A38 dogging layby in Quedgeley – there was 3 cars there and 3 lorries and it wasn’t long until a nice young good looking guy came up to my window!, asking me if I would like to accompany him into the back seat if his new Ford ST!

Jumping in the back, I removed my lower garments and spread my legs nice and wide allowing him to lick hungrily at my sweet smoothly shaven sticky pussy!, thrusting his tongue deep in my sex getting me even wetter!!

Sucking on his nice young hard cock, I couldn’t wait for him to enter me!, I led back on his seat, brought my legs up high and put the soles of my feet on his roof…..he entered my tight lush cunt and began to fuck me deep and hard, making me squeal like a proper stuff little fuck loving slut!

Bending me over on the back seat, he entered me from behind and pounded my cunt walls for a little while before flipping me back over onto my back! – with a few deep heafty final thrusts his cock spat ream after ream of thick salty cunt deep into my snatch!

Like I said, im out dogging again Monday evening – my Easter double up on membership offer is still on and I would love to have YOUR cock deep inside my sex tomorrow evening!

Come on guys – lets fuck!!!

Rach xxx

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Good Friday fucking! – Coaley Peak!

Good Friday fun, and BOY was it a good Friday!

Hubby and I headed up to coaley Peak in Stroud for some raw off the cuff dogging, I arranged to meet 2 new guys there as they wished to join my site cash and then fill my cunt with their cum!

There was already a few cars in the car park with guys in them, my pussy was already throbbing and drenched with sticky juice, eager for a good fucking!

I beckoned the first guy over to me and made it clear I wanted his dick inside me, more than happy to oblige he hurried over and go behind me! he was already stiff and ready to fuck – he entered my dripping pussy doggie style and started thrusting his fat shaft back and forth, really enjoying the sweet sticky love juice my cunt walls were producing which was squelching all around his hard cock!

The stranger who was fucking my pussy shot a thick load of creamy jism into my snatch, and I felt him bury his manhood nuts deep inside of me, as his bulging helmet spat out more and more cum!

At the very point I glanced to my left and caught sight of my husband and 3 other guys all with their dicks in their hands and all jerking their cocks off while watching me put on a show!

This triggered a pure orgasmic rush and my cunt wall pounded and erupted with cum, shooting more hot sticky fuck juice all over this strangers bare spent shaft which was still nestled nuts deep inside of me!

I ended up pleasuring 6 guys last night!! – that’s what I love about the dogging scene, its perfect for a woman with a great big appetite, and no one is more greedy when it comes to sex than me!!

I’m still offering double ups on ALL memberships taken out via PayPal or direct bank transfer, and im more than happy to meet you in person if you wish to join via cash!

Mail me for full info! –
Rach xx

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Sunshine Flashing!

Out about in the gorgeous sunshine looking for new horny dogging locations and I came across this hidden little gem nestled in the countryside!

I spent a good couple of hours flashing and teasing guys in the toilets, leaving the door open to encourage them to watch me pleasure myself!!

spreading my legs and pulling open my perfectly pink pussy while total strangers watched and jerked off is such a filthy thrill!!!, a few stepped forward and slid their fingers into my sopping wet hole and sprayed their loads all over me!

im out and about a lot more now the sunny weather is here, and boy does the sunshine make me as horny as hell!!

common lads, lets have some filthy fun in the glorious sunshine!

mail me! – – im STILL offering double up on ALL memberships taken out directly with myself via either paypal or direct bank transfer – perfect one off payments, discreet and instant!

Rach xx

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White Van Man!

I do love sucking and fucking outside in the glorious sunshine!, I met with this proper horny guy on the side of the road – slipped into the back of his white van and left the door wide open for any passers by to see what we were doing!

he started by feeling me up, sliding his hand inside my silky panties and fondling and fingering my silky smoothly shaven pussy, dipping his fingers into my lush wet honey pot!

seeing the bulge in his jeans, I just had to let his beast loose!!!, unzipping his flys I took his hard throbbing cock into my mouth and sucked on his nice and slow!!!!!

I SO wanted his fuck tool deep inside of me, but sadly as with a lot of guys my mouth proved to good and he shot his bolt balls deep in my talented throat!

im so horny right now!!!, im on the hunt for more members to meet today (Sunday 13th) – mail me and lets fuck!!!

Rach xx

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Liquid Lunch!

I do love nothing more than sucking on a nice big fat cock until it squirts its full hot sticky filthy load into my open mouth!!!

Met with the new member Saturday afternoon, joined via paypal and as he was local he came straight over for some fun!
He had me on all fours sucking and slurping on his lush fat cock, nice and slowly taking it deep into my throat inch by inch making me gag on his bellend!

I can honestly say I give the best head you’d ever have!, and if you can last long enough to slide into my lush wet juicy pussy then that would blow your mind!!!

Still taking membership sign ups via Paypal or direct bank transfer and still offering a special double up offer on all subscriptions taken out via these means!

OR you could come meet me in person, join up in cash and blow a load anywhere you desire!

Mail me for full info! –

Rach xx

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New Member Matt gets more than he bargained for!!

Takes a lot of balls to knock on someone’s front door who you have never met before, but this my now brand new member is exactly what he did today!

I opened the door to find a very nervous tall gentleman standing there, asking if this was the right address for Rachel Reveals as he would like to join my site via cheque as he lives locally – I told him he could join for cash here and now if he wanted to and invited him in!

We got the “business” side out the way – and as he was about to leave I said “so then, fancy me sucking on your cock before you go?” – dropping his jeans he sat down on the sofa and I started sucking on his girthy cock!!! – taking a few pics as I always do!
His cock started to grow into one I wanted to feel inside my wet cunt!!, I said to him his cock was lush and did he fancy feeding his meat inside me! – He grinned and said why not!, so we then moved into the bedroom!

He bent me over the edge of my bed, buried his rock hard girthy cock deep inside my cunt and fucked the hell out of me until he shot his heavy load right up inside me balls deep!!!!!

How’s that for a fast and trouble free new member service!!! :D :D

Im Rachel, the horniest, filthiest most genuine hot wife cum slut on the internet!!!!!, I do exactly what it says on the tin!!!

Rach xxx

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Special Membership Offer!

Its double up time again and im offering some fabulous membership join up offers for all memberships taken out via PayPal or direct bank transfer!

Join for 1 month and get 1 month FREE – £25
Join for 3 months and get 2 months FREE – £45
Join for 6 months and get 3 months FREE – £60
Join for a full year for – £90

That’s FULL access to my fabulous members area and all the filthy fuck adventures ive got upto in the last 7 years, over 12,000 photo’s, horny raw video footage and full access to my exclusive member meet diary which list my monthly member meet schedule and all the locations im going to be in!!! – And of course my personal members ONLY phone number to contact me on by either call or text!

This is an exclusive offer for PayPal sign ups or direct bank transfer ONLY and is valid from now Tuesday 18th March 2014 until Midnight on Tuesday 15th April 2014

Please mail me for my bank details or PayPal address….
Love and Hugs

Rachel xx

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Late Night Dogging 8th March!

I ventured up to the toilet block on the A417 to get myself some hard cock to play with!, and as always I wasn’t disappointed!

There were 11 cars in the layby next to the toilet, I opened up my car door and swung my legs out the car, immediately 4 blokes came over and I sucked off each and everyone in turn!

Feeling the urge for a good fucking, the next 2 guys to come over before they had chance to get their dick in my mouth, I was bend over offering my slutty little fuck hole for a pounding!!!

Hands everywhere, I was being fingered, felt up and fucked at the same time!!!, both blokes spewing their hot steaming sticky cum deep inside of me in the cold night air while spanking my big round curvy ass!!!!

I do adore dogging, and particularly love the public toilet block!, cant wait for the warmer weather to come so I can get out more and more for my daily cock needs!!!!

Rach xx

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