Sexy gift giver!

Well, this evening I have spent in the company of a lovely young man who just loves to shower me with gifts of all sorts and likes to go by the description of “cash cow” which refers to someone who loves to lavish gifts of all sorts upon a dominant female making her happy!

this gentleman sure has made this dominant woman happy this evening (thank you sweetie) and asked me very nicely if I would mention him on my blog and to invite any other “cash cow” gentlemen out there to join him in lavishing me with gifts to make me happy!

if this is something that appeals to you then please get in touch! :)

he sent me a rather tasty pic of his cock which I simply cant wait to enjoy!!


Rach xx

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More Videos!

More videos have been uploaded to my already bursting library of videos!!

More and more videos will be added weekly, hot, raw filthy content to get your dicks hard and shooting your lush sperm everywhere!!

Now I’m throwing the floor down to you my members and fans and asking is there anything you would like to see!! – if you have an idea, a fantasy or a scenario you would love to see me film then mail me!! – put movie idea into the subject and let me know what you want!

Rach xx

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Saturday night spunk!

was off out last night on a dogging adventure with a few of my very lovely and very horny members – and of course as always it didn’t disappoint!

back seat of the car getting my sweet smooth pussy licked into a frenzy!, sucking on lush sweet fat juicy cocks until they exploded inside my very fabulous mouth – AND being bend over the bonnet of the car, legs spread and knickers around my ankles getting screwed in the cold night air!

I LOVE dogging, I LOVE meeting my members and I love being a slut!

Enjoy this very horny snippet of last nights fun which I got on film! – be sure to log into the members are to find out where I’m going to be next and when AND check out all my fantastic videos!


Rach xx

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Off out Dogging TONIGHT!

Off out to meet some of lovely spunk filled members for some filthy lush dogging fun!

videos and pics to follow……………….

Rach xx

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Dogging THIS weekend – 13th 14th and 15th Jan

Well all you horny guys I’m going to be out dogging this coming weekend for 3 nights!

If you wanna come along and come have some fun and fucking with me then log into my members area, get my fuck phone number and call me! Lets fuck!!

Current and new members are very welcome!

Locations can be found inside the members area in the events and dates section! and I will be posting details on the After Dark Forums

I shall be armed with my trusted video camera – so keep your eyes peeled for MORE exclusive videos which will be uploaded very soon!

Rach xx

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Toys R Us! – well…ME!

Well, despite all the lovely hard cock I get – sometimes a girl just needs some naughty horny alone time with her toys!

SO, I got out all my favourite toys and spend the evening pleasuring myself, glass dildos, metal ones and all topped off with my fantastic vibrating wand which ALWAYS bring me off in under 30 seconds!!

This solo play session I filmed just for you!, your see me enjoy my favourite toys and see AND hear just how wonderful my fantastic wand can bring me to a crashing orgasm!

Log in now and watch the full video of me pleasuring myself to completion!


Rach xx

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Merry Christmas!!!

Would like to take this opportunity to wish all my fabulous members, followers, friends and potential new members a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Thank you for all your support this year, for all the horny meets and lots of fun!

Be sure to continue to follow me during 2017! – LOTS more to come and 2017 is going to be another AMAZING year!!!!

Love and festive kisses

Rachel xx

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I just KEEP giving! MORE videos uploaded!

Some Christmas crackers for you and yet ANOTHER big Video update including some videos from my friends Dogging Suzi and School Girl Jessica, Merry Horny Christmas!

Christmas offers still running, so join my site, grab a beer, get your cock out and kickback and jerk off to over 200 hot videos!!


Rachel xx


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Proof i am REAL!


Many of you still don’t believe I’m real and genuine even after 11 years of being around!

As you may be aware ive been updating and flooding my already fabulous members area with videos and I came across this little gem which I seem to have forgot to put on!, Dated for May but this proves I am 110% genuine!

AND this full length video has been added to my members area so you can see just what happened when I did meet him!!

I AM real – I AM genuine and I DO meet members of my fabulous website!

Rach xx

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OMG! EVEN more added!

The videos just keep coming!!!!!!! Dozens more added today!!!! Including my legendary secret Massage Room Spy Cam!! Full 30min FULL Length horny massage room video!!!

IM really spoiling you!, well….it is Christmas after all!! 

LOG in and check then out!! Enjoy!!

Rach xx


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