Photo set and Video updates TODAY!

busy busy busy updating my already fabulous members area with even more photos and videos!!

if your a member then be sure to log in and have a jerktastic weekend!

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Rach xx

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Down in the woods!

If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today, you just wont believe your eyes!

For every horny guy that ever there was are gathered there for certain because
Todays the day that Rachel will drain your ball sack!!!

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busy week updating!

ive had a very busy week updating my members area!, adding new photo shoots every single day!

make sure you log in and check them out!!

Rach xx

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FULL photo shoot now in member area!

FULL SET now available for your viewing pleasure inside my members area!!


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Meet me out Dogging

What would you do?

A dogging blowjob with cum in mouth and swallow, go down on me, or just bend me over and spunk it right me!!

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*** Website Updates ***

*** Members Area Updated today ***

Log in now for new content and Updates

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dogging queue

Ok guys just form an orderly dogging queue and don’t worry every single cock will get drained.

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Dogging memories

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Dogging Tales

We arrived early on the Friday evening and got on well enough that they suggested that we went out dogging as a foursome so after a bite to eat and a few drinks we set of to their local dogging site with us to girls in the back dressed up to the nines in short skirts and stockings etc and arrived at some woods at the back of a factory estate.

We sat there for a while with a lot of dirty talk and banter going on but with no sign of anyone else my partner got out and opened the back door and started giving Alison some attention with his tongue, and she soon had his cock out. So I opened my door spread my legs and James was soon well up inside me as I started to ply with Alisons tits which she liked. We both turned round and knelt on the seat with the guys giving us a good shafting from behind while we kissed and tonged each other and she was proving to be equally bi as I am as we both got more and more horny. My partner then came giving her pussy a huge load of cum and I told her to spin round in the seat so I could lick her messy cunt. Boy things were now getting horny as I buried my mouth and tongue in her pussy with James banging me hard from behind, What a fantastic feeling as he came in me while my face was deep in Alisons crutch and as soon as he pulled out I felt another one slip in and start those lovely slow but deep thrusts. It was so dark I couldn’t see what was going on but Alison shortly got hold of my hair and lifted up my head and gave a big mouthful of spunk, it turned out that she had been sucking some guy as I was licking her and he came in her mouth. The sight of us two women licking and sucking spunk from each others mouths must have been to much for the guy fucking me as I felt him pull out and then that lovely hot feeling as he came over my arse crack. One of my great loves is the feeling of spunk running down my arse into my pussy and down my legs.
Well the ice was well and truly broken now as we tidied ourselves up to set of for home, it turned out the my partner had asked the two guys to join in as they had been watching from the woods. On the way home Alison and I played with each others messy pussies to much encouragement from the guys It was a shame that there weren’t more guys but it was a good start to the weekend and all four of us shared a large bed together so both of us girls got another fuck during the night.

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