sublime Dogging delight!

well, last night has to be one of the best dogging nights in a while! – I left the car park with a throbbing well fucked wet pussy!!

met with a couple of very horny members, dressed I my trade mark slut gear – stockings, 8 strap suspenders, and killer heels! – as I stepped out the car with my skirt hitched right up flashing off my panties, I could feel every eye on me!

I wasn’t alone for long, I was soon surrounded by hard horny cocks all gaging to be drained and pleasured by the UK dogging queen!

hands up my skirt, inside my knickers – hands down my top fondling my tits, cock in my mouth and a cock in each hand – I was an extremely happy slut!

being finger fucked into a horny frenzy I was dying to be fucked, so I simply stood up, bent over and slowly pulled down my panties to reveal my fabulous big round arse and hot tight dripping wet cunt! “fuck me, all of you!, I want you to fuck and spunk me”

taking it in turns they all eased their throbbing shafts into my dripping wet hole, screwed my liquid lush fuck hole and emptied their filth right up inside me! – after the last guy had spunked, he withdrew his cock and pulled up my panties then put his hand between my legs and pushed the gusset of my knickers up onto my cunt so that all the spunk and pussy juice would soak into them! – they were very wet indeed!!!!

These panties are now for sale!!! – so ANYONE wishing to buy these panties please email me with a bid – the highest bidder will receive them!! – you have until midnight on Thursday 19th May to place your bid!!

Rach xx

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Limited Special Offer – Valid for the next 5 days ONLY!!

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Rach xx

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Sunshine fun is calling!


Well this sunshine is set to stay and getting warmer at the weekend, So I am now planning to be dogging up and down the M5 from Gloucestershire to Devonshire this week and next week.

Some real good dogging spots in Devon, Somerset, Avon and Gloucestershire, and I intend to make good use of them over the next two weeks, and hopefully get to meet a lot of members and drain their balls dry!!

I am also booking a few hotel rooms along the route, so if dogging and fucking out in the open is not your thing, then why not come and join me in my hotel room and lets jump in bed for a hot steamy fuck under the duvet!

Come and lets have some horny fun!!! 

Rachel xx


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Mighty piece of meat!

well, as the title of my blog states – ive had a very horny encounter with a mighty piece of meat!

met with one of my VERY hung young members and when he dropped his trousers revealed a very big fat piece of meat for me to play with!

couldn’t wait to get that fat fucker in my mouth, trying my hardest to deep throat his size but alas this one sadly had me beat – but ONLY just! – I did manage to get this fucker right deep down into my throat BUT I was far more excited to have it stretching my cunt and filling my pussy with fatness!

laying on my back my meaty member climbed between my legs and very slowly inserted his big fat hard cock into my gash hole!, I told him to push ever so slow as I wanted to feel every single centimeter of his engorged cock filling me up!

once he was balls deep inside my sopping wet sex, I told him to fuck me like a slut and give to me real good and hard! – and that’s exactly what he did!, oh boy I certainly knew I had that lush piece of man meat inside me!

his fat cock swelled up even more in anticipation of filling me with his hot load!, fucking me like crazy he slowed down as his dick twitched and jerked and fired off ream after ream of lush hot sticky salty spunk right up into my aching pounded womb!

proper lush!!!

Rach xx

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Dorset Dick!

Met with a really lovely member last night!, we clicked straight away and felt like we had known each other for ages!

Met him down a dark dirty lane for some naughty fun!

he flopped out his lovely cock and presented it to me for a good sucking!, and oh boy dick I suck on his tool real good – judging by the noises of pleasure he was making I think I sure noshed him off real good!

totally love sucking and fucking nice plump hard cocks in the cool night air in dirty horny locations all around the UK – I guess that’s why I AM the UK’s most famous dogging cumslut!

just cant get enough!!!

Rach xx

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Devon Delight!

Had an absolutely lush pussy stuffing last night with a very well hung member down in Sunny Devon!

ive met him before so I knew exactly what I was going to get and my pussy with dripping at the thought of getting stuffed full of his lush fat bare cock before he even arrived!

he sure didn’t disappoint either!, I barely let him through the door and I had his trousers off and his pants round his ankles and I was gobbling on his cock! – I sucked it and gave it a quick tit wank but only enough to make it hard as I could wait any longer, I wanted and needed his girth filling my hot love tunnel with pleasure!!

he bent me over and stuffed his meat deep inside me making me gasp out loud with total pleasure!, pounding me deep and hard with long powerful deep strokes!, he then told me to lay on my back and spread wide! – I of course obliged without hesitation! – he climbed on top and plunged his 10 inches balls deep into my sopping wet snatch! OH my GOD it felt out of this world lush!

rather than empting his sack of sperm deep inside me he decided to climb up onto my chest and pump his filth all over my fabulous huge tits and face! – I loved this, however I would of far preferred it up inside me as I sure do love a cunt full of hit sticky sperm! – oh well, next time I hope!

fancy doing the same?! – then make sure you log into the meets and events section of my members area and find out where I’m going to be an when!, then you CAN!

look forward to hearing from you horny fuckers soon!

Rach xx

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Easter Weekend Bonanza!

It’s Easter Weekend and as tradition I’m doing specials on memberships taken out via PayPal or direct bank transfer!

So for the next 4 days – Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and bank holiday Monday join my site via PayPal or direct bank transfer and that advantage of these special offers

1 month + 1 month – £30

6 months + 2 months – £50

12 months + 2 months – £90

Hubby and I headed up to Coaley Peak in Stroud for some raw off the cuff dogging last night  and I also arranged to meet 2 new guys there as they wished to join my site cash and then fill my cunt with their cum!

One new cash member who was fucking my pussy shot a thick load of creamy jism into my snatch, and I felt him bury his manhood nuts deep inside of me, as his bulging helmet spat out more and more cum!

This triggered a pure orgasmic rush and my cunt wall pounded and erupted with cum, shooting more hot sticky fuck juice all over this stranger’s bare spent shaft which was still nestled nuts deep inside of me!

I ended up pleasuring 6 guys last night!! – that’s what I love about the dogging scene, its perfect for a woman with a great big appetite, and no one is more greedy when it comes to sex than me!!

I’m going to be out dogging this coming week!!, Heading up to the Midlands in the next couple of weeks and also heading to South East area pretty soon!!!!

Take advantage of my Easter memberships offers taken out via PayPal or direct bank transfer, OR I’m more than happy to meet you in person if you wish to join via cash!

Mail me for full info! –

Rach xxxx

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Join me Dogging this week!


This Thursday 10th and Friday 11th March I’m going to be down in (not so) Sunny Devon

Join me for some dogging fun, hotel fun or if you have something unusual and exciting in mind then even better!!!

Call me on my “fuck phone” number which in inside my member area to arrange a meet during these 2 days!

Cash sign ups in person are welcome, for this please email me

Rach xx

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The Warm weather is a coming!

Warmer weather is on its way – so lets meet up and play!!

2016 is going to be my BIGGEST and BEST year yet! – more dogging, more naughtiness and MORE cities and towns to be added to my visit list!.

Come and enter the fabulous world which is Rachel Reveals and join me
on my filthy journey to suck and fuck guys all around the country!!

NO dick is to small!, NO place to to far!! – I love it dirty, I love
it quirky!!! – I guarantee you won’t get better pair of lips wrapped
around your meat!!!

Mail me back for full details and lets get fucking sometime REAL soon!!

Rach xx

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Horny group meet!

I arranged a VERY naughty meet with a few lucky members at a secret location for some filthy fun!

surrounded by hard horny cock all gagging and straining to be milked dry of the pent up filthy loads!, and of course after my Christmas break I was gagging to drain them!, my pussy was as tight as anything and dying for a good filthy reaming from multiple hard cocks all pumping their hot sticky loads deep inside my wanting sex!

I used each and every cock for my personal pleasure, feelin each one stiffen and fire off their pulsating loads of sperm right up my cunt hole!

Lovely!! –  there is no better way to kick 2016 off then with a multiple cock munching and fucking!

Rach xx

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