After Dark the “The Swingers Website, Run by Swingers” is now offering the membership of a LIFETIME!

After Dark the “The Swingers Website, Run by Swingers”  is now offering the membership of a LIFETIME!

A LIFETIME membership to After Dark for JUST £30!!!

YES that’s a lifetime membership for JUST £30

SO there really has never been a better time to join After Dark and join in the fun!

Membership gives you – FULL ACCESS to:

•             After Dark Forums

•             Members ONLY Area

•             Photo Galleries and Videos

•             Dogging Locations with Maps and Directions

•             Members wives amateur photo galleries

•             Swingers Parties, Social Meets, Dogging Meets

After Dark has been running for 16 years and is run by REAL genuine swingers and not some cold corporate internet company.

For more information and they way to join by PayPal, please contact us directly

After Dark

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Sunday 25th September

WELL as stated I would be meeting more members this evening who joined taking up my weekend special offer membership!

Just met with this horny new member, he joined at 6pm and had his dick in my mouth in a few hours time!!

met in a dark country lane and proceeded to the back of the car to get it on!, his dick was lovely and fat and I couldn’t wait to get fucked by his meaty girth – guzzling on his fat juicy dick I could feel my fuck hole getting wetter and wetter with anticipation but sadly for me, my mouth proved yet again to just be TOO GOOD and he blew his sweet sticky load all over my face!

ah well, not to worry ive got more members to meet and feel inside me!!

I do what I say!, I MEET my members – I love sucking and fucking my members and I truly am a slut on a mission!


wanna get up inside my sweet junk?, then you know what to do!

Rach xx

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Sat 24th Sept fun!

Just got home from meeting a brand new member – who took out my fabulous weekend sign up offer!

We met in a remote country lane and I was more than eager to get his young lush hard cock in my mouth! – while gobbling on his meat he said “oh wow, you ARE good at that!” to which I replied – yep so ive been told!

I sucked his sweet tasting young cock until it was nice and hard and then flipped over to doggy style and presented him with my very wet and juice pussy and my nice big curvaceous arse for a damn good fucking! – he was up and inside me like a flash and when at my slutty pussy like a Duracell bunny! making me moan in the cool night air until he fired his load off everywhere!!

want to meet me tomorrow night?! Sunday 25th Sept? – THEN take advantage of my weekend offer of a years membership for £49.99 via paypal which is only valid until midnight on 25th Sept and YOU TOO could be balls deep in my tight hot wet little fuck hole!!

Email me for full details! –

Rach xx

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Weekend Special Offer!!

FOR this WEEKEND ONLY im offering a FULL year membership for JUST £49.99!!! yes that’s just £49.99 for 1 whole entire year!!!

Were mid- September, the nights are drawing in and it’s getting a tad chilly outside BUT that doesn’t stop me dogging and having filthy outdoor fun!!! – Oh no, just makes it even more fun!!!

I love the winter month when dogging!, less dog walkers and boy racers which means more horny cock for me!! – I also love visiting members at their homes in the winter months for fun and frolics in their marital beds – that’s so slutty and so damn horny!!!!

This Month is as always an action packed month for me!, im off to the South East of the country for a week to service my horny members there! – Im up North and Down South!! – HELL looks like im gonna be fucking all over the place from now right up until Christmas!!!

Please contact me directly for more information on this – this festive fuck session is very popular so please ensure you get your place ASAP!

Everything is do and everywhere I go EACH and every month can be found inside my members area on the “dates and events” section – be sure to log in and come fuck me in a town near you!!!

Much Love

Rach xxx


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Cornwall Tour Sept 2016


Just returned home after a very horny tour of Cornwall!

I visited Newquay, Truro, Redruth, St Austell, Penzance, St Just, Helston and The Lizard!

Met with so many of my fabulous Cornish members and visited a lot of very naughty and horny public toilets all over Cornwall! – you know how I just love public toilets!, also found some amazing dogging locations which were ram packed with action

my pussy is well and truly fucked and throbbing with happiness!, I’m a bit tired but very happy! loved sucking and fucking all of you and draining your balls dry!

have attached some snippets of my Cornwall adventures but for the more hardcore actions pics you just have to log into the members area and have a look for yourself.

ill sure to be back soon!!

Rach xx

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Birmingham hotel meet

Spent a lovely day in Birmingham today! – met with a good number of members but just had to share this shoot!

this very hung young man invited me to his house for a good fuck in his marital bed!! – whipping off my knickers he delved his tongue deep into my wet snatch and tongue fucked and flicked my clit until I gushed with liquid velvet juice and covered his face with my orgasm!!

As soon as my cunt had recovered from its trembling orgasm he came up between my legs and plunged his very fat hard cock deep inside of me and humped the arse off of my quivering hole!

as he was about to cum he pulled out slightly and pulled his bellend to the edge of my gash and held his cock and fed me his seed! – pumped me full to the brim!! – slowly pulling his cock out of me followed by a thick sticky stream of freshly shot sperm!!


Rach xx

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Guess what I did?!

Have had a FULL weekend away on the serious lash!, I’m pretty horny most of the time but when ive got the alcohol inside me OMG I’m OFF the chain!!

Most of you know me by now and how I love really filthy dirty horny risky locations, so I scoped out this very seedy dirty alley way which wreaked off piss and god knows what (even hornier if you ask me!) during the day with full intent of using it at some point during the weekend!

No clues to guess what I did down this alley but I sure would love to hear your thoughts!! AND you get extra points if you can tell me where this alley is! – now that’s a tough one!

Rach xx

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14th July fuckery!


Those of you who are subscribed to my newsletter would of got my recent one informing you that I’m out and about this week down the M5 corridor having lots of sucks and fuckery!

Tonight, I met with a very horny young man with one of THE biggest cocks ive ever seen on a white guy! (and a black guy come to think of it!) – I couldn’t WAIT to get that big fat lush cock stuffed right up into my tight wet cunt!

but first of course I had to give it a proper good sucking, trying to take it as deep into my mouth as possible!!!! – I only sucked him for a mere 5 mins as couldn’t wait any longer!

I was up and over the bonnet with my knickers around my knees presenting him with my sweet sexy pussy for him to penetrate!

he slid his girth into me and WOW it took my breath away, he stretched me like ive never been stretched before and made me gasp out with loud moans of pleasure!!

my love tunnel must of been gripping his pulsing prick so damn tight as he didn’t last long inside of me that’s for sure, but boy oh boy he felt good balls deep nudging my womb with his engorged bellend!!!

wanna see where I am tomorrow?! – log into the members area and check out my location!

Rach xx

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open air cock!!

As most of you know I love meeting members of my website for quick horny filthy fucks outside in the open, and I also frequently meet up with guys from After Dark, the best swinger’s website I have found on the internet.

This guy from After Dark wanted to fuck me outside in his car in broad daylight, and he wanted to fuck me with my panties on so that they soaked up all the pussy and cock juice and he could take them away with him after as a kind of “fuck trophy”

He had a bloody lush cock too!!! And I really enjoyed him just doing me doggy in the car; it’s always my favourite kind of fuck!

I am going to be on the road for the next 4 days mostly along the M5 travelling and staying in Hotels looking for some really horny guys to give me a right good seeing too!! Dates, times, locations and my mobile number can be found on the diary page of my website.

Rach xx

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Sexy Saturday Fun!

first blog post in a while, been out of the country enjoying the delights and sights of sunny Florida! – and of course some naughty American cock! Visited many sex clubs, gloryholes and book stores while in the states but sadly no pics as no cameras allowed.

Enjoyed my recent visit to Kent and had lots of fun, didn’t meet as many of you as planned as simply ran out of time! (I’m only human) but I will be back soon I promise!

I do love nothing more than sucking and fucking on good hard hot throbbing cock during daylight hours in the countryside!, feeling the warm air swirling around your exposed parts and hearing the birds chirp! – something SO naughty about that!!!

Sucking them from limp, making them all hard and ready for action, rubbing the precum oozing out of their excited bellend all over my throbbing swollen clit in anticipation of a good hard fucking! – no words just action and ending with a good heavy load of thick spunk trickling out of my wet cunt hole!!

Perfect way to spent a Saturday afternoon!!!

Rach xx

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