For the love of Latex!

A very horny young man contacted me this morning asking for a special hand job!

Of course I was very happy to oblige!

He came to see me and seemed very nervous to begin with, but I soon put him at ease!, stripping off totally naked and led him down on my bed! – slipping on a medical latex surgical glove I was ready to pleasure his pulsing pole!!!

Slowly drizzling silky lubricant over his erection, I gently took grip of his throbbing shaft and softly moved my latex covered hand up and down his hard shaft, he was fondling my fabulous huge tits the whole time i jerked his cock off until he squirted lush hot cum from his jap eye!!!

Very horny!!!

Rach xx

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January Newsletter!

Well that’s Christmas 2014 out the way and the New Year is very much fast approaching!
From now until midnight on 1st Jan 2015 im offering a VERY special join up fee of £60 for a whole years membership – taken out directly with myself via direct bank transfer!

You are still welcome to join via cash and meet me in person!

2014 has been yet another fantastic year for me, and my filth and frolics are going from strength to strength! – Remember, I answer every single email personally, I answer my 07053 502222 personally – so why not drop me an email or give me a call! –

I Would just like to take this opportunity to thank all my members new and returning during the past year for your support and emails! Rachel Reveals is now going into its 8th year and is hornier and filthier than ever! 2015 is going to yet another full on ram packed fun and filth filled year!, more meets, more tours and much more dogging!!!
I look forward to meeting more and more members and pleasuring you in the New Year!!

Come and join me and lets make 2015 the best year yet!!

Rach xx

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Spreading the Christmas Cheer!!

Popped round to a new members house to give him a very special noshing off while his wife was out boozing it up at a works Xmas party!

We only had a very small window for fun as his mates were due round his for a few beers – so once I knocked the door I wasted no time in taking his married meat into my hot wet mouth and sucking his throbbing shaft dry

Flopping out my massive 38EE tits so he could see them swing as I knelt before him and gobbled on his dick! – he tried as best he could to hold off his growing eruption but my mouth yet again proved far to good and he soon spew his entire hot load deep into the back of my throat!!!

Absolutely LOVE sucking guys off during quick horny risky situations!! – cant get enough of it!!

Rachel xx

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Half Time Entertainment!

Popped round to this new members house as he requested that I provided some half time entertainment during a football match he was watching on TV!

I absolutely love horny quirky things like this, and was soon in my car and on the way to Bristol to relieve him of his ball sack full of semen!!

Arriving at his house, he said the door was open and to let myself in, which I did! – the first half of the game wasn’t over yet so he made me undress and sit on the floor naked until he wanted my services!

Once half time was starting, he beckoned me onto the bed and demanded I sucked on his cock! – taking his cock in my mouth and sucking nice and slowly taking his shaft in my throat balls deep! – he soon wanted his dic in my snatch and demanded I got on all fours and to present myself for a reaming!

getting on all fours, I pushed my huge arse in the air and waited for him to penetrate my sex! – he slid his length into me ball deep with one hard thrust! – he proceeded to screw my tight quim until he flooded my love hole with his thick filthy man goo! – just in time for the 2nd half of the game to begin!

cleaning myself up and letting myself out – I left this guy, naked, drained and happy!

Rach xx

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Fucking through the car door!

One of the horniest things about dogging is being bent over and fucked doggy through the car door.

The cool breeze felt on my bare bum as my knickers are slowly pulled half way down and stretched across my thighs as a rock hard cock enters my dripping wet smooth pussy and slides right inside. Firm hands holding onto my buttocks and hips as they give me a right good seeing to in the cold midnight air.

Pitch black with my head inside the car and my privates bared and on full show for some random stranger to feel and enjoy as he bangs me senseless through the car door relieving himself deep inside me as he fucks me good and hard true dogging style.

The nights are drawing in now and its getting darker much earlier, which means im out fucking and meeting members a lot earlier and for longer!!!

Wanna come fuck me thru the car door?, feel my hot tight cunt grip your swollen throbbing shaft as it milks you off to orgasm and blow you load deep inside me?!

im still offering double up’s on ALL membership taking out via paypal or direct bank transfer! – please mail me for info!

Im also going to be hosting a VERY special Christmas Party in December in partnership with the best swinging/dogging website in the UK! (AfterDark) This is strictly a members ONLY event by invitation – previous parties have been off the scale with naughtiness and bursting with very horny ladies, gents and couples!

Definitely one NOT to be missed! – again if you wish to come along, please contact me or AfterDark for full details

Rachel xx

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London Adventures!

Heading off to central London last night on a right horny adventure!

two brand new members to meet, both from central London and both in need of their balls draining! The first guy lived very close to Baker Street tube station, went round to his flat – walking in to find him hard and ready!, I dropped my knickers, spread my legs and let him take me any way he wanted to! – he screwed the arse off me and dumped a huge filthy load in my tight wet snatch!!!

Leaving his flat, jumped back on the tube and headed towards Preston Road to visit my next new member! – sitting on the tube and could feel the previous guys spunk trickling into my gusset!, sitting there with my freshly fucked cunt throbbing and oozing sperm was so fucking slutty!!!

got to my 2nd member meet which was pretty much the same!, he bent me over the kitchen counter in his place, pulled down my wet spunked panties, grabbed hold of my hips and relived his full load deep in my cunt!!! – without wiping I just pulled up my already wet panties and hopped by on the tube and headed back to find my car!

2 fresh loads of strangers spunk dripping into my panties!! lush!!!! im such a filthy dirty little sex craved nympho!!!

Sadly these 2 members didn’t wish to be photographed but thought id share some naughty flashing pics of my antic and journey on the tubes!!!

Rach xx

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BennyBoy Bristol!

Was invited to a members house for a sneaky horny meet while his wife was out for an hour!, the buzz of driving to a guy’s house knowing that we could potentially get caught is such a turn on!!

Walking into his lounge we wasted no time in getting it on!, he ripped down his trousers and I instantly dropped to my knees and took his meat into my mouth!

I think he had previously just fucked his wife as I could taste her cunt juice on his shaft which tasted absolutely divine in my mouth!!!!

I slowly sucked on his throbbing shaft savouring every taste of his wife’s pussy juice! – He was SO turned on at the riskiness of our meet that it didn’t take long to shoot his load in my fabulously talented mouth!

Rather than swallowing his creamy load he wanted to see it run out of my mouth and all down his bulging shaft – which is exactly what I did!!!

I certainly adore risky and filthy meet ups! – Happy to meet guys anywhere at all and the riskier the situation the better for me turns me on hugely!

I’m still offering double ups on all memberships taken out via PayPal or direct bank transfer – and also more than happy to meet for cash sign ups there and then! – which is perfect for all you guys who worry about using cards on line or being found out by their partners!!

To arrange a meet and for more info please email me!

Rach xx

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Horny lush house call!

Met with a new cash join member this week called “lovestocum” and he sure lived up to his username! – he had previously sent me a pic of his hard cock so I knew exactly what was coming and I couldn’t wait to get my clothes off and legs open ready to be pleasured by him!

Pulling out his hard huge cock, I sucked on his shaft giving him the best blowjob of his life!, he wanted to shoot his first heavy load over my magnificent tits, so as my wet warm talented mouth brought his pending erupting closer and closer to the end of his dick – he pulled out of my mouth and hand pumped his meat as it spewed a huge and heavy thick wad of lush man goo all over my tits!

Quick clean up and I was then on my back, legs spread wide open as I enjoyed this guy eating out my wet dripping snatch! – he rolled his tongue over my clit, thrust his tongue into my dripping hole bring me closer and closer to an eruption of my own!!!

The whole time he was licking me, he was wanking his fat cock priming up ready to stuff inside me! – and as his tornado tongue flicked on my swollen clit and I was starting to spasm into orgasm, my womb walls throbbing and squeezing, he took his hard fat cock, plunged it deep inside me and fucked the arse off me delivering another hot sticky load deep inside me!

What a horny lush fuck!!, more of that please!!! – I love meeting new members and old members of course! –come join me in fucktober for some filthy fun!!!

Rach xx

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Dogging in Wales!

Off dogging in Wales, found a cracking new dogging location to try out and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest!

Car park was pitch black, with approx 7 cars which contained 5 sole guys and 2 lots of couples! Most were quite shy once the camera was out but I sure loved putting on a show for them watching!

The brave horny guy who decided to come play sure was a horny fucker with a big hard cock!, I dropped to my knees and sucked deep and slow on his throbbing shaft feeling it grow harder and harder as I flicked and swirled my tongue all around his engorged bellend!

As always my hot tight sticky love hole was juicing up with excitement and was gagging to get his hot rod plunged balls deep inside me!

Dropping my jeans and pulling down my panties, this hard horny stranger bent me over the wing of my car, introduced his meat to my pussy lips and slowly slid his full length balls deep into my dripping sex!

Holding on to my ample ass he screwed me nice and slow with long full deep pleasure strokes, bringing his bellend right out and going in balls deep with every lush pleasure stroke!

As his impending orgasm built in his balls, his movement quickened until he was rutting his fuck tool deep hard and quick until he couldn’t hold his muck any longer and let his love juice pump deep inside me!!!! – I could feel his shaft twitching and flexing with each ream of cream he shot inside of me!

This new fabulous dogging location can be found on and is most definitely worth a look!
Rach xx

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hot sticky titties!

VERY horny meet last night with a long standing member who renews his membership yearly as simply cant get enough of me!

he adores my 38EE huge titties and last night he wanted to splatter you rack with his man muck!!

Surrounded by a dozen guys all watching me suck on his lush fat cock as he fingered my wet snatch which was already full of another guys seed, spreading all his goo around my gash and clit which was bulging like hell as I was so aroused and turned on!

Taking his he cock, I deep throated him until I was gagging on his length feel his shaft swell in readiness to spill its load!

Pulling him out of my mouth and wanking his shaft with my saliva I fist pumped his meat and watched as ream after ream spat out of his jap eye and spraying my massive tits with his cum!

My fabulous tits look stunning dripping in hot sticky spunk!, there was so much of it, his seed dripped down and covered my clothes too!!!

He is such a little poser too, and its very rare I have a guy who wants to face pose for a pic but this guy did!!! as you can see he looks very chuffed with himself!!

Rach xxx

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