Horny group meet!

I arranged a VERY naughty meet with a few lucky members at a secret location for some filthy fun!

surrounded by hard horny cock all gagging and straining to be milked dry of the pent up filthy loads!, and of course after my Christmas break I was gagging to drain them!, my pussy was as tight as anything and dying for a good filthy reaming from multiple hard cocks all pumping their hot sticky loads deep inside my wanting sex!

I used each and every cock for my personal pleasure, feelin each one stiffen and fire off their pulsating loads of sperm right up my cunt hole!

Lovely!! –  there is no better way to kick 2016 off then with a multiple cock munching and fucking!

Rach xx

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Christmas 2015


I would just like to personally wish all my members, fans and followers a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Hope you all have a wonderful time!, eat – drink and be merry!

Look forward to meeting lots more of you in 2016 – oh, and keep you eye out 2016 is going to be my biggest and BEST year yet!!!

love and kisses

Rachel xx

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Festive Gobbling!

Had a fabulous new member meet Thursday evening!, this horny guy contacted me via my KIK account and we set up a meet locally!

he was a tad shy and nervous and had reservations I wasn’t going to turn up!, like most guys he thought I wasn’t real! – but I sure as heck proved him wrong!

jumping into the front seat of my car, I couldn’t wait for him to pull out his meat so that I could have a little crimbo gobble! – sucked and slurped on his really lush hard cock until he was nice and hard!

very eager to get his meat stuffed inside of me, we hopped out of the car so that he could bend me over the car and screw me senseless!, sadly tho his ickle man didn’t like the cold and decided to hide!

no problem tho, we got back into the car and I continued to gobble on his festive fuck tool until he spewed his hot steamy load of gunk right into my mouth!

cant wait for round two, but this time it will be somewhere warmer as I SO want his lush fat hard cock deep inside me cunt!

Rach xx

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New Member Friday fuck!

Met with a brand new member yesterday (Friday 12th Dec) who took advantage of my cash join in person and then screwed the arse off me!

I whipped all his clothes off, pushed him onto the bed and gobbled on his plum hard cock getting him ready for my wet and wanting pussy!

bending me over the bed, he stood behind me parting my swollen lips and slowly eased his hot hard rod inside my sex hole, I could feel every inch of his cock filling up my insides, making me moan softly with pleasure!

screwing me slowly to begin with, he started the pick up the pace until he was banging his mother fucking dick up me so hard I could barely catch my breath! – he made me beg for his hot load!, pleading with him to give me his man muck he finally gave me exactly what I wanted – a filled to the brim snatch full of sperm!

managed to get some cracking pics and video with the aid of my trusted selfie stick!

Rach xx


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Crimbo Cracking Deals! – December Newsletter

WOW were in December!, the month of good will to all men! – my hasn’t this year gone quickly!, its been another fantastic year for me and all the members I have met!

Between now and xmas eve im offering fabulous cash sign ups in person within the Gloucestershire area!

Meet me personally!, pay to join my site and then screw the festive arse off me right there and then! – treat yourself to some saucy special crimbo fun!

For those of you not local to Glos, then im still offering my fabulous double up offers on all memberships taken out directly with myself via paypal or direct bank transfer

1 month £30 get 1 month FREE
6 months £50 get 6 months FREE
1 year for £90 get another year FREE!

Ive also been asked recently if I would consider taking Amazon gift vouchers to the value of memberships for access to my site and of course I said yes! – So if you wish to do an Amazon gift voucher to me as a way of joining – there is that option too!

2016 is going to be my BIGGEST and BEST year yet! – more dogging, more naughtiness and MORE cities and towns to be added to my visit list!.

So come and join me for some fun in 2016 – you really don’t want to miss out!

Keep checking in on my blog to see exactly what im getting upto on a daily and weekly basis

For more information on any of the above, please mail me directly and I can assure you I answer each and every single personally!


Look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Christmas Kisses

Rachel xx

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Naughty spot of Dogging!

Love nothing more than pulling into a dark dogging car park, checking out at a glance at all the cars parked around and hoping their full of horny hard dicked strangers all looking for a willing hole to off load into!

sitting in the car with my window down, knickers around my knees, skirt right up exposing my stocking tops and my shaven pussy – waiting for that brave hand to enter thru the window and cop a feel of what I have to offer!

opening the door and giving myself to these horny doggers is a mind blowing feeling!, having cock after cock thrust into my mouth, being bent over and random hard cock pushed inside my wet dripping pussy and being used like a real horny little fuck toy!

I love dogging!, I love fucking! – wanna come put your nice hard cock inside of me?

Then treat yourself to a membership to my fabulous site and come meet me at a dogging location near to you! – I travel all over the country meeting my members, different cities and towns every month!

log in to find out where I’m going to be and when! –



or take advantage of my fabulous double up offer on all membership when joining via paypal or direct bank transfer!

mail me for more information! Rachel@rachelreveals.co.uk

Rach xx

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car suck!

I do love nothing more the sucking on a nice hard cock in the front seat of my car!, I sure do give amazing head! – you only need to listen to the attached video to hear this lucky guys moans and groans of pleasure!

on the run up to Christmas why don’t you treat yourself with a cheeky little membership to my fabulous website and take advantage of my fantastic double up offer on memberships taken out via paypal or direct bank transfer!

1 month £30 get 1 month FREE
6 months £50 get 6 months FREE
1 year for £90 get another year FREE!

Or you could join my site as well as the BEST swinger and dogging contact website on the net! AfterDark

Join my site Rachel Reveals AND the UK’s biggest and best swinger contact site After Dark via PayPal for just £49.99

That’s TWO fabulous sites for Just £49.99! absolute bargain!

for more info please email me!


Rach xx

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Always ready and willing!

I love nothing more than getting out and about scouting for new naughty dogging locations and flashing to unsuspecting members of the public!

weather is a tad chilly so decided on full nylons but with a naughty convenient hole ripped into the gusset of my tights I’m always ready and willing to please any horny guys who are in dire need of their bollocks draining!

my naughty nylons sure do show off my gorgeous lush long sexy legs!

Fancy having them wrapped around you as your feeding your nice hard hot throbbing shaft into my love hole?!

Log in and check out my meets and events section of my site, I could well be in a town/city near you soon!!


Rach xx


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Dogging Fun! dodging rain drops!

Out dogging last night at a well-known location in the Midlands, the rain held off just long enough for some good old fashioned dogging cumslut filthy fun!!!

Sure LOVE sucking and fucking perfect strangers, draining all their swollen balls in my very unique special way! – The Rachel way! – the ONLY way!!

Log into my members area now and come and fuck me soon at dogging locations around the UK, or if you can’t make it to one of my scheduled dogging meets then jack off to some of my horny videos with over 200 in the members area.

Rach xx

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Swindon GloryHole fun!

Had some real fun at the Swindon Gloryhole!!

Met with some very horny cock all in need of draining!, love nothing more than sucking an 

anonymous cock through a hole in the wall, while another blokes hand is fingering my wet snatch and wanking his load and pumping it all over me through another hole behind me!

Sucking and slurping on nice rock hard fat cock, feeling the swell as its impending eruption of spunk is shot deep into my waiting mouth is one of the biggest turn on’s along side dirty raw dogging with strangers!

Please enjoy a small clip from my gloryhole in Swindon, the full HD video can be found inside my members area and is well worth viewing!

Remember, im STILL offering my fabulous double up on memberships taken out via paypal or direct bank transfer!  for info on this just drop me an email – Rachel@rachelreveals.co.uk

Rachel xx

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