Totally random Stranger!

Well this evening I was parked up waiting to pick a friend up from work, some bloke pulled up next to me and got out his car to have a cigarette!, we struck up a conversation (im a nice friendly approachable person!) and one thing led to another!

Next thing I knew he had flopped his knob out and had stuffed it balls deep into my slutty hot mouth!

I fucking sucked his lush fat cock for all my worth, but he was fighting me!, trying to hold on to his load of sperm trying to savour this totally random act of lewd sex with a total stranger! – however, I sure prevailed and was rewarded with a VERY thick warm wad of salty spunk shot deep into my mouth!

I fucking guzzled and swallowed that salty lush goodness right down, like the sperm hungry little slut I am!

just seems of late all im doing is sucking dick!, I know my mouth is good and not many guys last but come on lads – I need that rock hard cock balls deep in my snatch!!!

who’s up for giving this pussy of mine a proper good pumping?! :)

Rach xx

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May Newsletter!

Hey Guys,

Its time for Mays news letter!

Summer is now fast approaching and im planning on being your little ray of summer sunshine all through the warmer months! I’m going to be out weekly, come rain or shine all over the UK dogging and sucking and fucking my member’s balls dry!!!

Please log into the “Dates & Events” section of my website to find out exactly where i am going to be and when – then simply call me on my personal phone number to arrange a filthy raw fuck!

Kicking off my summer of fun!, im heading across the pond to the sunny state of Florida for the last 2 weeks of May! – I would LOVE to hear from any American fans who are members and would like to know where exactly I am! – OR if your not a member but still want to go on this hot English beauty then you can always cash join there and then and then blow a load!

SO many guys still seem to think that im not real, and that my site is fake….

I can assure you that I am indeed very real, very horny – and most defiantly the sexiest little cumslut you’ve always dreamed of!!!

Remember – I STILL offer cash meets and special double up’s on membership taken out via direct bank transfer to everyone!

Call me on 07053 502222

Follow me on Facebook – RachelSaris

Follow me on Twitter – RachelReveals

Message me on KIK – RachelReveals

Or simply drop me an email!

Looking forward to hearing from you horny guys soon…and maybe feeling you shoot your seed off inside me even sooner!! :D 

Rach xx

07053 502222



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AfterDark member gets a good noshing!

Had the pleasure of sucking on and draining the balls of another fabulous After Dark Swingers member!

met up with the gorgeous “siefer” and sure as hell couldn’t wait to get his fat lush cock in my mouth!!! – he tasted so fucking good! and his fat thick girthy lush cock was amazing!

sucking his cock I was dying to taste his thick hot wad of salty spunk in my mouth!, I sucked and sucked and sucked and he was trying so hard to hold on to his load! BUT my oh so talented mouth soon won and he surrendered to my technique and shot every single drop of his ball sack right into my slutty throat!!

I LOVE meeting my members and members of After Dark, a site of which im a member of and can honestly say is THE BEST swingers / adult contact site on the net!

Rach xx

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Sunshine sucking!

Was out on the road enjoying the sunshine and decided to park up and take a break – of course I happened to choose a discreet well know dogging location in the hope of finding some hard cock to have some sunshine fun with!

Well of course as always, I didn’t have to wait long before I had a nice young hard cock to wrap my fabulous soft talented lips around!

He approached my car, struck up an idle conversation!, not beating around the bush I said “u gonna get in my car and get sucked off then or what?!” – he was in my car as quick as lightening, trousers and boxers down allowing his already hard cock to spring into action!

Felt so good sucking on his rock hard cock as the as the heat of the sun beat down on my head! – he certainly blew he load hard into my mouth letting out a shuddering cry of pleasure!

I adore sucking cock, just as much as I love fucking them and strangers cocks are certainly the best!!

Rach xx

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Bathroom Bonk as Wife sleeps!

Slipped round to meet a member last night In a VERY naughty horny risky scenario!!!

His wife has been out with the girls for drinks and she was fast asleep in bed, but he wanted me to slip in quietly and to fuck me in the bathroom right next door to the bedroom!!

Well you know me!, the riskier that naughtier the better!, I couldn’t wait to do this!!!

Arriving at his house, he met me at the door – led me inside and upstairs all in silence!, I sat on the toilet lid and started sucking on his lush hard cock! – his groans were so loud I thought he was gonna wake the wife!!

Bending me over the bath in my stockings, suspender and heels he couldn’t wait to get him married hot hard cock deep inside my lush wet tight cunt! – he didn’t fuck me for long sadly as im sure the risk and situation added to his horniness and he soon blew his fat wad deep inside my cunt!! – he was fucking me so good tho, all while telling me shuuushhhh!!! – I was struggling to hold my pleasure in as not to make a murmur!!

Once he has filled me and shot his load, he led me back down the stairs to the front door – kissed me goodbye, all without saying a word really!!

We managed to get some cracking pics using the timer on my camera!!, was a very horny and risky situation!!! – would definitely love to repeat that!!

Rach xx


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Sceptical member proved that I am REAL!

Met with a very gorgeous new member last night for some dogging fun!

Like most he was sceptical that I was really real and did exactly what my site portrays I do, and meet with my members!

So he went with his gut instinct and drove from Warwickshire to Gloucester to meet me!, the look of delight on his face when I pulled up was magic!

He followed me to a quite location near by and I couldn’t wait to start sucking on his cock!, I was very pleasantly surprised when he pulled out a really nice fat cock!, I just knew this would feel amazing stretching my tight cunt!!

Sucking hungrily on his rock hard cock and he fondled my fabulous tits in the cool evening air!!, but I couldn’t wait to have his hard cock deep in my sex!!

Bending over and presenting him with my dripping wet hole, he was straight up me like a rat up a drain pipe, fucking me so hard making me scream out in pure pleasure!! And judging by the noises he was making, he was also lovely slipping his tool into my wet hole!

Rather than pumping his hot juicy load up my famous snatch, he opted to splatter his full load all over my magnificent breasts!!!!

It was only after we had finished he confessed that he had never done dogging before or even had outdoor fun, but was now quite hooked!

SO guys, YES I am REAL, YES I do DO what my site claims to do! – I meet my members, I drain their balls and YES you will be hooked and love it too!!!

Rach xx


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Midnight cock munching!

I love nothing more than munching on hard cock during the cool midnight air!!!

This new member met me in personal and paid cash to join my site and of course I just had to suck on his very large hard cock!

He was a security guard on duty at the time and he always fancied having his cock sucked while out on his rounds!, I jumped in beside him on his cart and sucked on his girthy meat as he drove round checking out his complex!, taking a few pics along the way!

Once he has finished his round, he pulled to one side of the complex, bent me over the side of the cart, lifted my skirt to reveal my panty less pussy and stocking clad legs, held up by my fabulous 8 strap trade mark suspender belt!

Getting behind me, he parted my wet tingling pussy lips with his engorged bellend and drove his huge fuck tool balls deep into my cunt! – oh my god his cock felt absolutely amazing and I could feel every rippling vein in his shaft as he slowly but firmly slid in and out of my dripping wet snatch!

His pace quickened and his cock got even hard as he prepared to fire off his filthy sticky thick load of sperm deep inside of me!! – I could feel every pulse of his shaft as each jet of lush man goo ploughed deep inside my love hole, really filling me up!!!

Once he had shed his filth, he stayed buried deep in my snatch allowing his meat to soften and fall away from me naturally allowing his freshly show sperm to trickle out of my throbbing slutty hole and trickle all down the inside of my thighs and stocking tops!!!

I love nothing better than taking real heavy thick loads of spunk deep in my pussy, the heavier the better as I sure do love that feeling of sperm trickling out of my cunt and running down my legs!!!

Wanna sperm inside my vagina?! – then you know what to do! Mail me!!! lets fuck!!!

Rach xxx


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Easter EGGtravaganza membership offer

For a the NEXT 4 days as a special Easter eggtravaganza membership offer im offering a very special membership for ALL members joining via direct bank transfer ONLY – join Rachel Reveals for £49.99 for 6 months and get 6 months FREE!

This will see you through a whole years worth of fun and meets through out the UK!, I plan to be visiting as many cities and towns as possible this year on the biggest tour ever!

I’m also in partnership and being sponsored by the BEST UK swingers contact website on the net – they hold regular parties, personal meets and have every single dogging locations known in the UK with over 13,000 members and some very sexy single ladies looking for naughty fun! – You can also join this website for £49.99 for the WHOLE year!

OR you can join BOTH Rachel Reveals AND After Dark for the discounted price of £79.99 giving you the whole year to really get your rocks off!!!

Please mail me directly to take full advantage of these amazing offers –

Looking forward to meeting up with as many of you as I can during the summer!

This offer ends at midnight on Easter Monday – happy Easter to you all!

Rach xxx


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Member and his mate!

Popped round to meet up with a new member for some horny fun, didn’t bank on meeting his mate too – but OH BOY im so glad I did!!!!

He became a member of my site and told his mate about me, but like most guys he was sceptical that I was actually real and did as my site says it does!, so he invited him along to prove him wrong!

he definitely changed his tune once his hard cock was balls deep in my wet and warm talented mouth sucking his dick within an inch of its life!

having two horny dicks to play with makes me so wet and horny!, I love being spitroasted and stuffed with dick senseless from both ends!!! – I love it even better when both of them time their jets of spunk perfectly and both fill me at the same time!!

feeling hot salty thick spunk filling my mouth as I feel hot jets of sperm filling my cunt ream after ream, really is one of the best feeling in the world!!!

Wanna meet me?, got a mate that wants to meet me too? – then ill have you both!, would be my pleasure!!!

Rach xx

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Dogging at its best!

Dogging at its best!!, what more could a filthy little slut want on a nights dogging!, picnic bench, 3 horny cocks and lots of warm yummy spunk!!

Met up with three filthy spunk filled doggers this evening and got myself a right good seeing to!!, they used my tight wet love hole over and over in rotation!, jumping up in front of me to get sucked hard, once hard swapped ends and plunged their hard dicks into my bare wet cunt! – grabbing hold of my hips and thrusting their meaty girth balls deep inside me!

Once they had delivered their hot filth into my snatch, jumped right back up onto the bench to get sucked clean! – all 3 of these filthy fuckers spewed their loads deep inside me so by the time the 3rd cock was presented to me for cleaning it was totally covered in all the other loads of spunk and tasted absolutely divine!!

I love dogging!, I LOVE spunk and I ADORE fucking! – I AM the filthiest little cumslut you’ve only dreamed of meeting!! – so lets make those dreams a reality and lets fuck!! Rach xx

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