Hardcore all weathers!

Well, this shitty weekend weather sure hasn’t stopped me from having fun and meeting with yet another one of my horny members who is also a member of After Dark

We were sadly a bit short on time as he nipped out to briefly meet me without his wife knowing!, so we only had time for a good horny dick sucking.

he climbed into the front seat of my car, un-zipped his trousers and flopped out his little limp knob!, he didn’t stay little and limp for long!  As soon as I wrapped my hot talented lips around his shaft he was as hard as a rock

I fucking guzzled and slurped on his lush hard meat until he spat his salty seed right into my mouth!

I was born to fuck and suck!!!!!

Rach xx

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Young Sweet Sticky Sperm!

Satisfied another horny new members today!, a nice young man – somewhat nervous to be in my presence as im apparently quite sexually intimidating!

But his nerves were soon dashed as soon as his lush young hard cock was deep in my mouth!

His cock was SO hard!, pulsing with blood racing through his throbbing veins making his cock throb as it slid in and out of my hot mouth with ease!

I SO couldn’t wait to get this young lads rock hard cock right inside my dirty hot snatch!, he asked me to bend over the front seat of his car so he could pull down my panties and admire my huge round perfectly fuckable arse as he wanked his cock!

Of course I was more than happy to oblige!, kneeling there listening to him wank his cock is such a turn on!, but there without warning he plunged his fuck tool right into my cunt hole with a perfect precise swift thrust!

He had jerked himself to the edge and just plunged his shaft balls deep into my wet cunt to simply let his young sweet sperm flow!! Filling me to the brim with his hot sticky sperm!

Makes me want more and more!!! Come on guys, come fuck me! you KNOW you want to!!!


Rach xx

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Launch Night at Touch Sauna in association with After Dark



Please Read Below On How To Obtain Your FREE COUPLES ENTRY
As a member of After Dark; we’ve set up an exclusive offer!! Its quite simple, all you have to do is comment on the Swindon Swingers Listing, Stating that you will be attending and you shall receive…..

FREE ENTRY; for yourself and your partner PLUS…
Bring another couple to a following event in AUGUST and you will BOTH (couples) receive FREE ENTRY to that EVENT.

Upon arrival to the event, simply state your username, it really is that simple! – ALL usernames will be verified as genuine, so please no fakes!

This offer applies to members of AFTER DARK only. one free entry per couple, offer valid for use in AUGUST 2015. For further information, or to sign up for weekly news and offers visit SWINDON SWINGERS

Membership to After Dark is FREE!!!



A custom built club to cater for every single need you may want, to meet as a social get together with other like minded couples / swingers, from beginners and novices to the more experienced.
Swindon Swingers will run every SATURDAY night – 21:30 – 3:00

– Hosted at Touch Sauna –

Membership at Swindon Swingers if free! However you will require ID if you look under 25.

Open to Couples, Single Ladies & limited Single Guys.*

Dress code is simply smart casual; just imagine you’re on a casual date and want to impress. Ladies, should you wish to slip into something a little sexier! we can provide lockers.
*Single Guys will be required to pre-book by phoning 01793 433 326 please note spaces are limited and going fast!
Swindon Swingers, is held at Touch Sauna Swindon. Covering over 5,500sqft and offering; A Fully Licensed Bar, various lockable private rooms, Large open play beds, Cinema Room, Glory Hole Maze, BDSM area with viewing Gallery and Much Much More! Click  to take a sneak peak around the venue. Not forgetting the large Roof Terrace for those summer nights.




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Lush Sunday Fucking!

Another REALLY horny meet this evening!, have met this member a few times simply because I LOVE his dick and he fucks me so good!!!, makes me squeal out with real cunt pulsing pleasure!!

It was an off the cuff spontaneous meeting!, he was gagging to get inside me! – he pulled up to our meeting spot and within seconds had his hands all over me, kissing me and pulling at my clothes as he was simply gagging to stuff his hard fat shaft deep inside me!

Bending me over the boot of the car, he whipped my bottoms down in one hard tug, ripped down my panties and thrust his rock hard cock up my tight little wet quim filling me full of his throbbing hot rod!

Oh my god he felt amazing!, the feeling of his cock pumping away at my wet excited cunt!, he was so horny and pent up it didn’t take him long to shoot his hot sticky sperm deep inside my snatch!, he shot ream after ream of lush man goo inside me and I could feel ever jet hitting my insides!

Thanks hunny for another lush fuck!, look forward to next time!!

Rach xx


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Daytime sunshine screwing!

Had an absolutely fabulous meet this afternoon with a very horny fat cocked member of After Dark!

I seen his profile and a pic of his cock and I just HAD to have that monster inside my wet tight cunt!, and that is exactly what I did!

We arranged to meet in a very quiet outdoor location, I could wait for him to unzip his flys and flop out his meat for me to feast upon!

His cock was in my mouth as quick as I could, he was hard in an instant and I could feel his shaft pulsing in excitement!, my cunt was dripping liquid velvet lushness into the gusset of my knickers and I could wait any longer!, I needed that stuffed DEEP into my throbbing quim!

Bending over, he slid his length deep inside my wet slippery hole with ease, and OMG he felt unbelievably wonderful!!, he cock pumped my pussy until he fired his hot sticky load right up my love hole and it felt amazing!

God I do love fucking blokes, love fucking full stop!!!

After Dark is the BEST contacts site on the internet and its FREE to join!, who knows you could well be fucking me or one of the other horny ladies on there sometime soon!


Rach xxx


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Speed boat sex!!!

Just spent a fabulous day with one of my new members out on the open sea in his speed boat for the afternoon!

Fucking on a boat in the middle of the sea butt naked in the hot sunshine has been on my bucket list for a while and now ive managed to scratch that off the list!

Taking me out on his boat, allowing me to steer and drive at high speed sure got my juices flowing and my pussy tingling with excitement!

I waiting for him to take the helm, and without a word I pull down his shorts to reveal his limp cock all ready for me to take into my mouth and make it come alive with my fabulous wet mouth!

Mmmmm sucking on his cock while feeling the heat of the sun was so exciting!, he peeled off my clothes – led me down naked and proceeded to fuck the arse off of me!, fucking me while the boat rocked in the waves just added more movement to our thrusts!

Moving below deck into one of the double beds he continued to screw me senseless over and over!

Really was a fantastic mind blowing afternoon of fun and fucking!

Rach xx


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Rachel Reveals unite with Touch Sauna!


I am very pleased to announce that Rachel reveals and After Dark the biggest UK swingers site has now teamed up with THE best swinging venue in the South West – Touch Sauna in Swindon

Every Saturday night is Swingers night and there truly is no better venue to visit than Touch Sauna in Swindon, the home of Swindon Swingers.com

This custom built venue will simply blow your mind, decked out to the highest standard, boasts 2 floors of play rooms, dungeons, gloryholes, sauna, steam room, sun deck the whole shebang!

The official launch for Swingers night every Saturday is on Saturday 8th August and entry is FREE for ALL After Dark couples! AND there is a very HIGH possibility that I myself will be there on launch night!

After Dark is FREE to join, no hidden extras – a genuine swingers site run by genuine swingers and not some impersonal corporate company!

Join up to After Dark and start having fun!, Remember – ALL After Dark members have FREE access to Touch Sauna!

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Totally random Stranger!

Well this evening I was parked up waiting to pick a friend up from work, some bloke pulled up next to me and got out his car to have a cigarette!, we struck up a conversation (im a nice friendly approachable person!) and one thing led to another!

Next thing I knew he had flopped his knob out and had stuffed it balls deep into my slutty hot mouth!

I fucking sucked his lush fat cock for all my worth, but he was fighting me!, trying to hold on to his load of sperm trying to savour this totally random act of lewd sex with a total stranger! – however, I sure prevailed and was rewarded with a VERY thick warm wad of salty spunk shot deep into my mouth!

I fucking guzzled and swallowed that salty lush goodness right down, like the sperm hungry little slut I am!

just seems of late all im doing is sucking dick!, I know my mouth is good and not many guys last but come on lads – I need that rock hard cock balls deep in my snatch!!!

who’s up for giving this pussy of mine a proper good pumping?! :)

Rach xx

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May Newsletter!

Hey Guys,

Its time for Mays news letter!

Summer is now fast approaching and im planning on being your little ray of summer sunshine all through the warmer months! I’m going to be out weekly, come rain or shine all over the UK dogging and sucking and fucking my member’s balls dry!!!

Please log into the “Dates & Events” section of my website to find out exactly where i am going to be and when – then simply call me on my personal phone number to arrange a filthy raw fuck!

Kicking off my summer of fun!, im heading across the pond to the sunny state of Florida for the last 2 weeks of May! – I would LOVE to hear from any American fans who are members and would like to know where exactly I am! – OR if your not a member but still want to go on this hot English beauty then you can always cash join there and then and then blow a load! 


SO many guys still seem to think that im not real, and that my site is fake….

I can assure you that I am indeed very real, very horny – and most defiantly the sexiest little cumslut you’ve always dreamed of!!!

Remember – I STILL offer cash meets and special double up’s on membership taken out via direct bank transfer to everyone!

Call me on 07053 502222

Follow me on Facebook – RachelSaris

Follow me on Twitter – RachelReveals

Message me on KIK – RachelReveals

Or simply drop me an email! Rachel@rachelreveals.co.uk

Looking forward to hearing from you horny guys soon…and maybe feeling you shoot your seed off inside me even sooner!! :D 

Rach xx



07053 502222



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AfterDark member gets a good noshing!

Had the pleasure of sucking on and draining the balls of another fabulous After Dark Swingers member!

met up with the gorgeous “siefer” and sure as hell couldn’t wait to get his fat lush cock in my mouth!!! – he tasted so fucking good! and his fat thick girthy lush cock was amazing!

sucking his cock I was dying to taste his thick hot wad of salty spunk in my mouth!, I sucked and sucked and sucked and he was trying so hard to hold on to his load! BUT my oh so talented mouth soon won and he surrendered to my technique and shot every single drop of his ball sack right into my slutty throat!!

I LOVE meeting my members and members of After Dark, a site of which im a member of and can honestly say is THE BEST swingers / adult contact site on the net!

Rach xx

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